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i'm back.. again - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2008-06-01 19:16
Subject: i'm back.. again
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happy birthday to Ken on the 24th.
There was a mini celebration over at .. Soho? or was it somo.. shit.. don't remember. Anyhow, I didn't make dinner. Only managed to make the after dinner drinks which was after some change, Laundry was settled on as the venue of choice.
I'll never understand it
It's hot.
Service is lousy.
The music is too loud to have a conversation..
There isn't a dance floor to ogle at.. (the writhing bodies i mean)
So what is it about that place?
In any case, there was no seats so we were at the opposite place, Empress cafe.
Service is better.
We can still hear the music
a win-win

Wei Ing on the 28th
Yim Kay on the 30th
Joanna on the 31st
so many birthday babies..

so i was at changzhou, shenzhen, jiaxin, and danyang.. more on that later

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