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so who did I miss out? - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2008-05-03 03:25
Subject: so who did I miss out?
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Tags:birthday, new house, recap
So I think there were a few bdays last month..
Some were already mentioned though others were not.

Albert's bday was last month on the 20th. Happy birthday. Sorry I couldn't make the celeb at your place.. I konked out seriously.
21st was.. Ming Li I think, happy birthday to her too.
27th was Rachel's. She said she's attached. I BELIEVE YOU!! =)

I'm not too sure who else's i missed though I'm quite sure I'm gonna get it for forgetting.
Oh wait, Tien Nee's bday as well on the 7th?
ermm.. a couple more

it'll come to me.. eventually =P

Attended Ed's wedding just last night.
My name wasn't on the list =(
But I did have a pretty good (unalcoholic) time.
Catching up with friends and etc..
That's always good.
Oh and I saw Cody (Bee Shin's son) for the first time. Cute =)

AND in house updates, my dad finally decided to utilise the services of an interior designer.. After the rubbish drawings that we got from the 'carpenter'

yup yup..
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