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wahlao.. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2008-04-15 20:41
Subject: wahlao..
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Tags:recap, trips
stupid spam mails plus lots of replies to mass mail plus some other random nonsense contributed to a 112 unread mailbox..
that's actually a lot less compared to the 30+ that I used to get last time..

It seems like I actually left out that Sharon did actually come over to KL for a short visit and we caught up some with a dinner at Madam Kwan's over in MidValley. I think this was on the last Saturday of March which would be the 29th.

the 30th was a dinner with Sook Yee and Chen Hoe at Sheraton Subang.. I originally just wanted to collect the cake and also have dinner there. Then Sook Yee actually invited us over for dinner but can't make it cos of said dinner at Sheraton then naturally we invited her.. then CH came too at Sook Yee's insistence.
Ahh.. friends.. =)

Me and Wyn Ni went to Bangsar to this awesomeness mamak place for dinner and stuffed ourselves silly and then proceeded to walk around the block at her insistence...
Then on the way back, we walked past the mamak place again and bumped into Jo-Lyn and Ean who were having drinks there after catching the dance - 'Passion'
This was on the 3rd of April I think.

oh.. been meaning to complain about this but it kept slipping my mind.

One time, when I was in China in March, I went to the toilet in a restaurant.
This was a big restaurant and it'd seem a little more expensive than your average fare.
There was a guy peeing at the latrine but something didn't seem quite right.
As I walked closer, I realised he was standing a good 3-4 feet AWAY from the latrine and was in fact peeing on the damn floor.
This guy was dressed in a trackbottom, sneakers and a t-shirt, none of which looked particularly hobo-ish

I wonder what his justification for that was?
And then after I came out, I noticed that he was sitting down having lunch.
So here we have possible a nouveau middle-class having lunch at a fancy-ish restaurant but the retard cannot pee like a normal person?

ok that's that.
I went to China last month as part of the sourcing for parts for the house.
i.e. solid wood flooring, tiles, bathroom fittings and glass for the whole house. We went to multiple places for the afore-mentioned items.
I don't feel like caring anymore.. lazy + waste of time.
I still don't know what my room looks like so.. got showdown eventually.. =)

I just arrived today from another trip.
This time I went to HongKong, ShenZhen and Taiwan (Taipei, TaiChung, KaoShiung and one more which I forget)
essentially was a learning trip as well as meeting new and old people.
Left on the 8th. Spent half a day in HK, then took the train over to ShenZhen and was there for 2 days. Took the same route back to HK and flew over to Taipei.
Saw the insides of a lot of junkyards and drank a lot more than I have in 2 years combined.
The Taiwanese like their liquor.. seriously..
I happened to bump into Ophilia at the trade expo which I attended in Taipei..

and now I'm back and going for futsal later.. On Sunday I'll be flying again to Beijing this time, maybe I'll meet up with Michele this time after.. 3 years? Cannot meet in Malaysia but meet in Beijing..

It'll also been Edmund's wedding soon (1st May)
and then followed by Albert and Serina's wedding (10th May)
then I'm going to Genting for a Hino Dealers forum..
so many things!!

Anyway.. lots of work to catch up too.. bleh..
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User: (Anonymous)
Date: 2008-04-23 00:52 (UTC)
Subject: am back from HK
HK rocks! What about you? - charlene.
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User: dcsjin
Date: 2008-04-26 19:24 (UTC)
Subject: Re: am back from HK
just came back from beijing..
will call you soon
provided i don't fly somewhere again
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