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nuggety goodness wrapped in chocolatey gooeyness - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2008-03-05 23:31
Subject: nuggety goodness wrapped in chocolatey gooeyness
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I am feelingcontentcontent
Listening toFrankie Valli - Big Girls Don't Cry
Tags:aquarium, books, movies, pictures, random, recap

how can you take anything I say seriously?

was playing pool
won and lost in equal measure

My voice is making a comeback
albeit in a croaky sort of manner.
It's still better than yesterday but I think I may have stressed it out.. I was nearly back down to a croak.

I've finished reading this book called 'The Sleeping Doll' written by Jeffery Deaver. It had some opposing reviews but on my part, I rather enjoyed it.
I learned about 'kinesics' which is roughly the science of human behaviour and I don't usually read detective novels so I couldn't predict the plot as this critic would like to say.

I finally got myself a case for my PSP which I haven't touched in ages. I wonder if it misses me.
I have had some deaths in my tank.
Some time back, I had a near total tank wipe-out.
2nd time it has happened. I'm still not sure why it happened but it's probably the water and the toxin content.. i.e. urea and etc..

Did a drastic water change
still lost a few fishes
In the end, a healthy few still lived

and then one of them looked like it had a stroke, one of the cherry barb.
And the other, the largest gold barb had enlarged gills. maybe a parasite, I don't know
but other than that, everyone seems fine
I now count
4 Gold Barbs,
8 Rummy Nose Tetras
3 Cherry Barbs,
1 Feather-Fin Synodontis - used to have 2, one died during the 1 wipe-out
3 Glass Cat-fish
1 catfish (type unknown) but looks something like this
4 Otocinclus
1 Neon Tetra

I've actually had to kill off a few fishes
such as the Flying Fox, Rainbow Shark, OrangeFin Loach cos they got too aggressive and would chase the other fishes.
And these guys tend to be of the more expensive variety..

I've actually lost count of the varieties of fish that I've kept.
But to date, the colours and temperament that I've liked the best would be the Gold Barbs, Cherry barbs and the Harlequins.
The rest are there essentially for variety.

The fishes will spot me when I walk into my room and they'll mass at the closest corner waiting to be fed.
except for the 2 catfishes, they are shy beyond belief.

 Current Layout
 Elusive catfish drawn by the promise of food and most of the rest of the denizens of the tank except for the other catfish who's seriously not into food.

Oh and I half-saw 'Awake'
and I intend to watch Definitely, Maybe

why are my guy friends avoiding me? Seriously
oh wait.. what guy friends.. =P
I need more friends!!

and my new house is still stuck at this
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