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Chinese New Year so far.. (2008) - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2008-02-08 02:48
Subject: Chinese New Year so far.. (2008)
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Tags:celebration, pictures, recap
I don't know about you..
But my CNY has been very quiet thus far
no gambling
no one calling
no nothing yet
I've been home since 10.30pm

what the?
some pics from the Reunion dinner


one of my little nieces just came back from the hospital in time for the CNY dinner. low grade fever and all that..
cause (chinese med diagnosis: too much mandarin oranges - heaty properties)
2 bags of IV
and a mouth full of ulcers later

So poor thing right? but she's been milking the attention a little. Lol
Otherwise she would look like this

Damn round cheeks.. lol

One family was missing from the affair, my 5th uncle's family
He recently passed away and since it was not the 100 days yet, his family decided to stay away from the festivities much to the chagrin of the rest of the family.
We had hoped that everyone would just come together..
So it was less 6 people right from the off.
Oh well.

Sometimes I wonder if 10 years down the road, would everyone still make it a point to come together for dinner?
and it is in times of boredom I wonder about what happened to the friends that used to be my friend?
apart from the usual suspects, I haven't seen/heard from quite a few people that I used to call friend in a while.

I wonder, is it me? I want you guys back in my life. Cos life was never meant to be lived alone.
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