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ugh.. and a little more.. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2008-01-22 20:15
Subject: ugh.. and a little more..
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I am feelingbouncybouncy
After being stupid for 2 months, I finally found the port to transfer the pictures directly from my camera to the computer without going through a card-reader which I bought specifically for said purpose..


Seriously.. it's a case of what the hell..

Anyhow, quick update on what I've been doing.

I've gone up to genting twice in 2 weeks. Both times with free rooms

One time was for a Additive Products Sdn. Bhd. annual event. They market the 'Nasa' range of engine lubricants and also 'StopOil' and etc.. So armed with free tickets and a room on the 24th floor of First World (it's their suite but it's not really nice.), I went with Wyn Ni to have a night of entertainment. It got a little raunchy no thanks to the 'ladies' from Thailand. Too much was shown I tell you.. =P
Went back to the room and knocked out quickly. Very tired from a hectic week of work.

The 2nd time was for the Jacky Cheung concert. Armed with my camera, I was gonna take photos and photos of one of HongKong's 'Heavenly Kings'. It is my humble opinion that of the lot, Jacky Cheung is probably the best one of the lot. Lai Meng is as natural as a corpse, Aaron Kwok isn't a really good singer, Andy Lau don't have that great a voice although I think he's not too bad as a showman (from TV replays of concert experience). We had front section tickets, 2nd row, to the left of the stage. Good seats man.. =D BUT no picture taking was allowed. The fans were doing it furtively but the security and the ushers were paying close attention to everyone's movement. My camera isn't the smallest so it doesn't allow for any furtive picture taking.

However, it was a great show. He was funny, had effeminate gestures which he explained, and generally bonded with the audience quite well. He also shared a little of his history with us, 70+ albums and 1000+ songs in 23 years. How do you fit all that in his 3 hours? Lol

More than 3 hours of songs later, went back to a very very nice room in Genting Resort for a good night's rest.

Following day, went to meet peoples at Rakuzen in KL. It was for Nick's bday. Then after that, headed over to La Bodega Bangsar.. I was at BSC first thinking that it was there.


And then at bangsar I waited/circled around for half an hour before getting parking. Ean showed up with this girl that he was seeing. Turns out, I know her from wayy back in IRC days. =P
I haven't seen her in 6-7 years. What a small world.. Lol

We played Taboo. Me, Pat, Jo-Lyn vs Ean, Joanna, Eu-Jin. We(my team) won.. yay! I didn't do as badly as the last time when me, jo-lyn, wye wah, eugene and Su Lyn? played. It was a horror show from me. Lost handily to the girls.. bleagh..

anyway, I'll put some pictures up later.

I haven't had much to do so I don't have much to say these days.. =)

In between, there were yumcha sessions. Free dinners.. Pool sessions.. I think that's it..

I am going to Bangkok tomorrow with my family so I'll have more to share later.

Little birthday shoutout to the January babies,
Lai Lyn, Nick, Serina.. I think that's it?
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