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I'm at home.. and bored.. and utterly alone.. can you tell? :) - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2007-11-29 22:12
Subject: I'm at home.. and bored.. and utterly alone.. can you tell? :)
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I am feelingcheerfulcheerful

Before I forget, I better get to writing down the things that I did while I went traipsing halfway round the world

Oh but before I do that.. *ebul*
I got THESE babies.. ;-)

 My iPod nano
 Season 3 of House (my 'more' preferred show - pardon the grammar)
 Hot Diamond cuff-links
 V-Force Profiler (Blue)

Plus an assortment of t-shirts, polo-necks, Emporio Armani 'HE' Eau de Toilette and a book by Danny Gilbert 'Stumbling on Happiness'

Presents though were most excellent this year. =)

 My birthday present from my parents.. I <3 its!! Sony DSC-H9/B.
Little fact:-
Did you know that H9 isn't available in Japan?
My Dear got me this gorgeous tie from Raoul and a sweet card.

Sook Yee got me a perfume set.. =) I wonder if this is supposed to be some kind of hint.. hehe
I also received a chess set from Alicia. Maybe I should have requested a Scrabble set but who in the world asks for their presents? ;) Part of the fun is supposed to be guessing what would suit that particular person...
emm... that's it for now.. :-) There may be further additions to this post.. heh

Next one!! How my holidays went!

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