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Japan Trip continued - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2007-11-12 14:45
Subject: Japan Trip continued
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I am feelingaccomplishedaccomplished
From this post
After leaving the party, we then went to 2 different suppliers, Hakozaki and Empire.
We were feted to an excellent dinner by Empire but unfortunately, there's no pictures to show.

Next morning, we went to the station to take a train to Osaka.
There, we were met by TBC manager and subsequently, went straight to work.

Dinner ensued after that and we retired for the day.
Sunday, went around looking for a laptop.. computers are very expensive in Japan.. gah
Dinner with Mr and Mrs Fukuda, Masaru-san, Mr and Mrs Kitada and one more person.. name just slipped my mind at the moment.

Due to a mix-up with the timing, we were originally going to leave on wednesday but ticketed as departing on Tuesday.
We tried to change it but to no avail. The busy Malaysia Airlines office in Malaysia did not respond to telex, faxes and also did not answer the phone.

Anyway, last day was a little bit of a wash-out and we only met one supplier.

So that's all for my Japan trip.
I think I have some pictures, will post and link them soon.
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