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After badminton last night.. I came back and had a quick shower and… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-05-12 02:22
Subject: (no subject)
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After badminton last night.. I came back and had a quick shower and headed out again for some late night snacking with HK, BS and Ed.... I was sitting there for about half an hour which isn't any reflection on them being late.. just that I was early.. =) and they couldn't find parking.. =) I steadfastly made it a point not to say anything about Jing. Food was good.. company was alright.. =) usual angst and kidding around..
today.. hazy.. my mind that is..
by 11.30 i was so hungry that I was feeling light-headed.. fasting is not something for me... =) and yet another day passed by.. with a slight difference.. WJE 137 was ready to go!!! =) when I drove it.. first thing I heard was a hissing sound.. sigh.. After some inspection with help from cousin Wooi.. We found a small nail in the tyre.. got it patched up for 5 bucks.. and I was on the way home.. That car kicks like a mule and the steering is bloody light.. =) all in all makes for quite a responsive car.
Dinner was in Selayang.. with the same ppl.. I seem to be seeing a lot of them these days.. hmm.. They found the food alright.. =) It's hard to please some ppl..
Oh and about the post yesterday.. it finally occured to me that Sunday was mother's day hence Jing's funny reason for maybe not being free.. Her mom might have something to do with her.. =)
so what does that leave me with?? could she really be that considerate and filial? and also.. actually have plans tonight? =) it may not yet be the end..
Tune in next week.. same bat channel.. same BAT TIME.. ( reference to old batman series.. otherwise u won't get the joke )
oh yeah.. back to tonight.. dinner.. dessert elsewhere.. then ed's place for a little mahjong.. then out again for supper.. hehe
eating ALOT..
and during that time I had 3 calls from home and family membesr
otherwise i have nothing to plain about today..
g'nite world
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