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Short-takes - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2007-06-17 13:45
Subject: Short-takes
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Tags:dinners, recap
I've been quite lax with my postings.. Just don't feel the urge to post as often as I did.
Maybe I'm just past the venting stage, I don't know..

I recently did a sketch which I posted up... I think there's room for improvement as with everything that I can do. Futsal, tennis, the art of conversation, being a better friend.. etc.. =)
I can score goals at futsal so I count that as improvement.
I'll probably start tennis again when Pat gets back from France. Paintball is on the 1st of July. Looking forward to that.. woot.

I think I'm just rambling a little.. Not sure why.

Let's see..
I scored another 8 goals or so when I joined my former colleague for futsal.
It's all very weird. He actually just stopped talking to me for nearly 2 years. Talking as in casual conversation talking. Not the need to inform you of something important talking. The only thing that I could think of was it was somehow work related and till this day, I haven't a clue what it was about.

And then I caught Actorlympics with a biggish bunch
OJA was there with BK, Lai Lyn n Kwong Heng, Mark n Weisi, Arthur, Yeok Cheng, Mindy, Kat and me. 11 tickets in all.
I just felt that it wasn't as good as the last time I caught it back in Sept last year. There were some stiff moments, some stale moments and some totally wtf moments.
But still had a few laughs.

Went to Velvet last weekend with Sook Yee, Yeok Cheng, Nicole, and Chen Hoe. CH brought along a friend MunSum as well.. ermm... The alleged plan was to get me drunk which kind of mystified me. I merely stated that I wanted to drink instead of I want to get drunk. I don't know how it got translated as such. HOWEVER, I only had like 6-7 drinks so.. didn't get drunk. SY on the other hand did.. =P We had beef noodles after that.. Ahh.. satisfying end to the night.

Oh yea.
I attended 2 wedding dinners back to back. One was in BANTING and the other was in KL.
The difference between the 2 couldn't be more obvious. The food, the location, the people.. =)

emm.. I was supposed to go to Alexis on Friday night with the usual bunch but one by one cancelled and in the end it was only me and Lai Lyn and Sook Yee and MunSum would join us later.
I had a meeting as well that night so I only got home past 8. So we cancelled on MunSum too.....
Had dinner at Chef and Brew and yeah.. that was it.. Friday night.

Last night, I went to Alexis with Andrea. Dinner was okay. Company was good. Foodwise, I prefer the duck confit to the lamb stew. The vietnamese beef noodles was enormous.. meh. The fish cake tasted quite a bit like 'otak-otak'.. oddly enough
The performance by Cynthia Utterbach was enjoyable. She's quite engaging and got the crowd's participation and all so I think everyone had fun.

"Guys I want you to sing it sexy."

*can't remember the phrase, something to do with night repeated once*

"guys, *eyes rolling* I want you to do Barry White, not holler at me"
*cue laughter*
"okay try it again"


"Much better, now ladies, give me some sexy"


"close but not quite, give me the voice when you are asking for a credit card for those gorgeous shoes that you've got your eyes on."
*more laughter*


"ohh yea.. That's how to do it.. All the ladies gets this every time. *wink*"

*uproarious laughter*
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