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I can out type a lot of ppl.. including them female staff working in… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-05-10 20:23
Subject: (no subject)
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I am feelingnoticed it's the same song yet?
Listening toBlue - If You Come Back
I can out type a lot of ppl.. including them female staff working in the admin section.. It gave me an idea.. =) I'm gonna ask to be transferred up.. maybe work half up and half downstairs .. in the pretext of learning more.. =)
Last night I managed to get the e-mail address from Bee Shin.. and I did send that e-mail out.. oh in the process I think I was quite successful at annoying her.. BS that is.. lol .. =) I called Jing today as well today and I basically got blown off.. one was a saturday night I've made plans.. Sunday , see how.. my mom might want me to do something with her.. =) how's that for a blow off.. soo.. back to square null.. back to being.. targetless and.. still alone.. hmm.. does it sound like i'm desperate? =) oh NO!!!!
today right.. We went a little too early to send the stuff by lorry and had to wait for them malay ppl to finish their friday prayers.. they take 2 hours apparently.. =) so while waiting I slept.. and when I couldn't sleep I mulled about the setback.. should I be persistent or not? ppl are getting friendlier by the day.. =) I'm learning more now.. and I've sort of know what the things are.. I mean if I'm given that item.. I can state the general name.. which is progress in my books..
tonight's badminton night... yay.. =) distractions from my mullings.. =)
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