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a fortnight of memories.. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2007-05-27 18:09
Subject: a fortnight of memories..
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Listening toKris Dayanti - Menghitung Hari
hmm.. been a little lazy to update.. not much mood to do anything these days..

There was.. a dinner at Star City, over at Bukit Mayang Mas due to a staff leaving on the 11th of May. Pictures of food will be up eventually.
up now!

I saw Know No Cure on Friday the 18th with Lai Lyn and Johanna. It was way too bloody random..
Picture this.. 2 guys acting through 3 different stories using words in an unusual manner.
".. and here we have our patient, watch as we make an incision into the potato and eviscerate the innards.. "
It's actually worse than this but I can't get my mind around the sentences as I could only understand it in 3 word segments.. as in only 3 words would make sense then the following words appear to be either another sentence all together or another idea or another point and the words that they used gave the impression of using the dictionary/synonym generator very heavily to create the text. Mind-boggling... This is worst than Kwong Heng and Floyd together on their most random moments.. honest.
We went to Chilli's after that for dinner.

I'm not sure what else happened..
I know I caught up with the usual suspects, YC, Jo-Lyn, Sook Yee, CH. Was on call for some dramatic moments.. with one showing up at the doorstep unbidden.. =)
Met.. hmm.. Jo-Lyn at Chill in Plaza Damas along with her friends.. Sue, Ker How, Sook Ching, Wendy .. oh and one more guy who left early.. I don't remember his name..

Played basketball once.. Ached all over the next day.. Even fell down during the game and got myself some scrapes.. sigh.. Must admit to being old I think.. *bleagh*
Oh saw Sze-Tho once in Coffeebean when I was there with YC, I think I met Kel Li there again as well. Been a while since I last saw Sze-Tho. He's working at DHL these days. From what little he told us, sounds like an interesting job.

I finally went to Uni to fill out that withdrawal form to get my deposits back.. =P will have a bit more money .. to throw at my credit card bills.. lol
This was the month that I had to pay for my car insurance and road tax.. man..

i think that's it..
I'll add whatever as I recall ..
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