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"Pretty as a picture" - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2007-05-26 17:51
Subject: "Pretty as a picture"
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Listening toGordon Haskell - How Wonderful You Are
Tags:dinners, memorable, relationships
Dinner at a slightly more upscale restaurant. Waiters hovering around, the house band performing with gusto and with no little verve, people chatting away as they wind down after a hectic week.
The restaurant was a well-lit enough to be just a tad on a bright side but not overly so. You can hear the tinkle of cutlery as they make contact.

We'd just sat down so we were making little adjustments to get settled in comfortably. I felt myself at a loss for words as she let the full weight of her gaze rest on me. I'm smitten, I must confess.. I searched my memory for a time when she looked any better but failed. Tonight, she looked stunning. Then she smiled and I was lost.
I drank in every detail, how her hair framed her face with one of the fringes tucked away behind her ears, her luminous eyes twinkling mischieviously, her eyebrows arched a little in a question, her mouth slightly parted as if to say something.
She was wearing dangling earrings, links of small cubic pieces, of a shade similar to her cropped top and her bracelet. Turquoise I believe it was.

The night passed swiftly, laughter punctuated with moments of concentration as she attempted her masterpiece on the dining table.
Yes, you can draw on the table as they cover it with a sheet of paper. Crayons are provided as well.

"First there was a house. The house is by the sea with a crooked shoreline. On the other side is the bushy bushes and imaginary 'jungle'. Imaginary because it isn't drawn but you know it's there cos that's what a stereotypical kampung house would be like. The house is raised on stilts and they don't really like windows so there were only 2 windows to speak of. The house is occupied by a family of 3, the father and mother and a child they picked up in a basket by the sea. There's one requisite coconut tree which lies just yonder. 2 sticks which propped up a fishing net which has unusually large holes which was probably used to catch sharks. And there's one cow.. with udders."

Dinner didn't start off so well, the appetisers were a little disappointing.. Using cutlery to de-shell shrimps is unfathomable to her so a little lesson was in order.
The mains were good. One order of ribs and another of chicken. It more than makes up for the appetisers she said after she had a morsel of the tender ribs. The look on her face as she ate it was priceless. =)
Dessert was this raisin & orange peel in cream with strawberries in balsamic vinegar affair.
We only belatedly discovered that it tastes BEST when you eat everything together. The orange peel were a little hard to find but it was the final piece of the puzzle. Won't win awards but good enough.
Raisins are sweet not sour.
Strawberries are sour not sweet.
(differing opinions)

the band came around 3 times to ask for song requests. None of the songs that we asked for initially were on their list. In the end, we requested More than words, Menghitung hari and A better man. It was during one of the songs that it dawned on me, this is it.. the last time. I could taste the bitter bile at the back of my throat as emotions nearly got the better of me and I turned away to look at the band to regain my composure and my cheer.

And as how it always is, all good things must come to an end. I didn't want the night to end.. I don't think there's been a time that I drove slower.. But I got there eventually. She bid me goodnight and was gone. Leaving behind memories and an aching heart.

"I've always struggled with the art of conversation
And there'll be those for whom this song has no appeal
But I know it works for me
And I'm sure you will agree
That it illustrates exactly how I feel"
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