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So.. you want the usual? - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2007-05-17 00:39
Subject: So.. you want the usual?
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Lemme see..
I'm a little lazy to do a recap..
and I don't remember much?

I know there was one day in the past couple of weeks that I went for lunch with Jo-Lyn and we ended up at Decanters in Damansara Heights.
Service was really bad that day.. it was packed to the rafters and they were short-handed.
Lots of annoyed customers.
On our part, we went to get our own menus, had a guy come get our order and waited..
Eventually Jo's food came and mine didn't.
I went to look for it after a while and oh yeah, searched for our drinks as well ..
So basically I waited on our table.. lol
Oh Chen Hoe's / Yeok Cheng's friend, Janet, was there with her colleagues as well. I met her like twice before but I don't think I made much of an impression.. =P she didn't remember me..
Jo suggested I bring them their cutlery as well.. and I did and there were squeals of.. surprise? + exclamations of 'so sweet'.. I couldn't really claim credit since it was something suggested.. so.. =P
I think girls are better up at picking up things like that.. Us guys are just oblivious that it's things like that we do that girls dig. (note: I'm a dinosaur, hence I use terms like dig and.. etc..)
This is why girls are better at being 'sweet' than guys are.. end of hypothesis

So past week from 7th till the 13th

went to Maybank mamak for some rockin' 'nasi goreng kambing'
This is rather heavily spiced so it's GOOD.. seriously
must try =)

stayed home a couple of days..
Friday night went to tiff's again.. with Sook Yee n Yeok Cheng.
Sook Yee's friend, Shan, came down from Singapore again so she joined us as well.

Saturday night, played chauffeur to Shan.. dropped her off at Marketplace (we had to circle like 3 times to find that damn place.. lol) arghh!!
then me, SY, YC and CH had dinner at Red House which is smack in the heart of KL opposite ermm.. top hat? something like that.
First impressions count for a lot right?
That place is DESERTED!!
I remember remarking to SY, what did CH get us into???

so sat down and waited for the other 2 to show up. It's supposed to serve seafood but they don't have much variety in seafood. Hell they didn't even have prawns. They eventually dug it up from somewhere.
In their words,"We can get prawns for you if you want."
not reassuring to say the least.

BUT I have to say
food was good
we ordered, 2 types of prawns (as in cooking style), salted egg and butter,
and then one asam fish
and 1 vege
and 1 mongolian meat.. chicken i think it was
and the bill came up to 129 (10 bucks was for dessert @ RM2.50 each)
2 prawn dishes + 1 fish + 2 more dishes.. + smack in the heart of KL, it was right next to Trader's hotel..
Don't expect anything too fancy, they just do the simple things well.

Went to Chilli's for drinks after that.. bumped into Adrian and Lionel and Jo Tong's brothers.. Jo was already downstairs apparently.
Sunday was Mother's day. We had lunch at Ah Yat's Abalone forum restaurant at Section 13. it was decent.. not that great. only 4 tables.. there were a few absentees.
After that I caught Spiderman 3 with Debbie, YC, SookYee, Thien Nee & Chen Hoe.

I liked it.
More story-driven which ended up making it a little long-winded.
Odd moments such as Tobey Maguire sauntering down the street and then doing a little dance.
WAY too many villains, they should have just introduced them one by one.
but I still like it =)

We went to WongKok after that.. food was generally decent.. went futsal later
I don't know what's wrong with me but it's like my brain has super retarded and I couldn't function as I had for the past few weeks.. first touch was horrible, reaction was slow, and tired real quick.. gah

anyway.. i think this is boring enough..
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