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yet time for another recap.. this one with links =P - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2007-05-10 02:09
Subject: yet time for another recap.. this one with links =P
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30th April
seriously.. I need another type of formatting for this crap... =P
maybe a little bold here, a little colours there..


just playing =)
I'll just stick to being boring..
What the heck did I do?
I had dinner with my parents at Prime @ Le Meridien.. I ate a friggin wagyu beef carpaccio and a 12oz australian 120 days..
too much yea?
then later....
ohyeah... now I remember.. I went to Zouk AGAIN.. for mambo.. sheesh
so basically I went to zouk twice and sanctuary once in under a week. This has got to be a personal record
and no smart-assing about it ppl.. you know it's not me =P

the night started off with a surprise. Yim was there. Apparently I looked petrified at the sight of her.. I don't know where people gets these sort of fanciful ideas.. *scoffs*
Oh our little group was a little larger than usual..
There was YC, SookYee, Jo-Lyn, Rachel, Kathleen, Chen Hoe, later joined by Mei Yee and Gary.. and the occasional visitors, Anne, and Ming Li
ok.. so I like to be thorough.. =P
We shared a bottle, me, YC, SY, and JL.. but in reality.. I think I was a little bit of a peddler of the poison... I recall going "here you go! drink up!"
got JL drunk in double quick time..
CH was a little gone as well and SY was resting her head as she put it.. =P
I had to play the part of the human bolster/cushion for the better part of.. 1-1/2 hours.. I actually drank a copious amount of alcohol that night but the extended furniture session allowed me to sober up..
I think Ming Li has some incriminating pictures from that night.. must get it to.. blackmail JL with.. mwahahaha..
I enjoyed myself that day.. for the earlier parts anyway.. thanks peeps =) let's not do it anytime soon..
We had supper after that before I sent everyone back.. I think I finally crawled into bed at 5am..

1st May was a public holiday in Malaysia. I believe they call it Labour day. hehe..
I don't remember what I did so I think it'd be safe to assume that it was boring and uneventful. Probably woke up really late as well given the night before was so.. 'early'
hmm... I think I may have stayed home.. oh wait.. Thanks to ChenHoe, managed to recover my memories!
I had an afternoon long chat/eat session with JLyn over at Kopitiam @ Atria. We went over to Cheow Yang after that for dinner and then accompanied SookYee(shirley). Lots of food there.. hehe.
Played DOTA after that.. ahh.. it's been so long.. We totally kicked the other team's collective butts.
My team - CH and SY
the other team - Floyd, Lai Lyn and KwongHeng

I didn't die a single time and I had the most kills for once.. whee =)

2nd May, I accompanied a friend to go shopping at KLCC for her friend's bday present..
We agonised over what to buy for a girl who has just about everything.. I kept suggesting things that you could make that would be priceless since you can't go out and buy those things.. but eventually she settled for a 'Coach' coin purse.. We also went to one of the Petronas exhibitions.. something about Speed.. it was pretty cool. There was even this machine that uses brainwaves to push a ball along as well as one that measure the speed of a karate chop, speed of a thrown baseball.. etc... illustrations on how drag and lift applies on the Formula 1 vehicles. and a host of other interesting things. All this for only RM5.. =)
Had dinner at Madam Kwan's. and then went back. I think I went over to Alvin's with Jo-Lyn after that.

3rd May,
I attended a intro course for Asiaworks.. I'm lacking that bit of direction and purpose in my life.. so I thought it'd be interesting to see what it was about. I didn't get much from the intro as I was nearly an hour late.. Work has been pretty tiring for me of late, I don't know why. And then Jo Tong pointed me in the wrong direction.. she told me that it was at PJ Hilton. It was actually at Crystal Plaza
anyway.. it seemed interesting enough.. had some ... interesting questions and wishes?
"I hope that you'll join the course so that I can give you a hug at the end of it" - can't remember his name, I think it had a Fung in it....
"Why are you still single? - HanNee

people.. i'm here to find my passion and purpose.. focus! =P

Met YC after that and we watched.. Ghost Rider. Can someone PLEASE tell me why that movie was made?
All the villains died WAY WAY too damn easily.. There isn't much of a plot to begin with and there's just too much cheese.. it's just bad..

4th May
I think I had dinner with SY and WynNi at DuViet at Bangsar Village. Went Bangkok Jazz after that.. oh in between, I picked up YC, Thien Nee, and YC's cousin who's over from Australia.
listened to some music, fell asleep on the couch.. sent everyone home.. =) Still went for supper after that I think.. =)

5th May,
Had dinner with CH and YC at Rakuzen at Plaza Damas. SY was there with TN and KatC with another bunch of friends there for dinner. We just sat at the table next to them.. =) they went for Karaoke after that but our table decided against it. Met up with Debbie and her visiting friend so went Coffeebean at Taipan and made small talk till 1am?

6th May was a work day.. Our store recently had some racks installed so we need to be moving the goods to those racks..
yeap.. work on a Sunday.. meh

I caught the play which was adapted from the Edgar Allan Poe's work Tell-tale heart. I can only say I was surprised.. It was rich, self-indulgent take on the prose.. but it left me feeling short-changed. It lasted barely 50 minutes.. and the director's comments during the Q&A session did not really improve the impression. Though the combination of video and live acting made for quite an interesting show but ultimately, it just seemed to fall short.
The set was quite different from the usual, the utilised the entire space.
the play was set in the middle (vertically speaking)
okay.. THINK hamburger (don't ask me why I used this analogy)
2 slices of bread and the meat in between
the set was done this way where the top and bottom were panelled and the middle bare for the stage - but more like a 3 sided room (the floorspace).
and on the panelled sections, 3 different videos ran concurrently occasionally so you get a deluge of images and it alternates between the actor narrating and the actor in the video narrating. So in that it was quite interesting.. but it could have been better. Not the worst but not all that good either. Average would be a kind assessment when the premise had to much promise.
I like U-En as an actor, so far, the shows that I've seen him in, he's been powerful, dark and compelling. In this, he alternated between the meek nurse and the psychotic soon-to-be murderer who's obsessed with the host's one milky eye.
Oh the attendees, YC, Deb, JoL, Joa, Sue, Mindy, KatW, Andrew, Me. =)

went for long coffee break at Coffeebean after the show with Kat, Min and Andrew.. talked crap and then some..
Then dinner was at Sri Siam with Mindy only. Some questions were raised.. oh well =)
ermm.. dropped her home and then went for futsal.
Scored 3 goals.. yay..

That concludes the recap
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