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What is it about flowers? - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2007-05-08 01:10
Subject: What is it about flowers?
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So.. Lilies were the first type of.. bouquet that I ever got for any girl. This looks quite nice but the original bouquet that I bought were far nicer and cost me a damn pretty penny.. lol =)
RM200 for a bouquet of flowers. I don't think I've come anywhere close to buying a bouquet that size anymore after that. AND I wasnt' even there to give it myself. I had to ask a friend to do it cos I wasn't even in the country... Thanks Chye.. =) It was for our first month's anniversary..
Okay so I went a little overboard, first gf and all that.. but it did make her happy.. =)

Oh wait, it wasn't the first bouquet.. the first bouquet was bought IN melbourne which was a bouquet of champagne roses.. They were a little on the small side if i remember correctly and Thien Na helped me with it.. i'm so lost when it comes to things like that.. lol

Next bouquet that I remember was some 4 years later(maybe) (that I can recall offhand), (ok checked archive.. wrong year.. it was 4 years ago = 3 years later)
bought one bouquet of blood read roses and another stalk.. It was her bday.. and I'd be at work and she complained that I never got her any flowers.. =P
So.. i bought one stalk, kept it in the car and only took it out the next morning and put it on the pillow next to her with a note since it was her bday and all.
The bouquet was scheduled to arrive at noon as per instructions to the florist..
She didn't answer the gate, nor my frantic calls after the delivery person called me.. so I had to admit defeat and told them that I'll collect it when I came back from work.
I chided her later for that.. for spoiling my surprise that is.. BUT she was very happy..

Next bouquet was.. last year I think, for Valentine's day.. I'm not sure if it was even a bouquet.. but.. again she was happy. This particular one was done with a little bit of planning. Buy the stuff, deposit it at the restaurant, pick her up and then go back to the restaurant. A pleasant surprise for her which left her wondering how I managed since I spend nearly every waking hour with her. All this was done in record time as I had to work on that day as well.

Then a bday gift for a friend cos I didn't get her anything. I remember specifically telling the guy.. make sure it's (a particular colour) which apparently signifies friendship.. didn't want any misunderstandings. lol. She liked it too..

Following one was another which I wasn't in the country for.. It was yet another (surprise) bday.. I had a 'bet' with her that she'd get at least 5 gifts from her friends.. Little was I to know that she actually doesn't have that many friends giving her presents.. bleagh..
So I had a bouquet sent, shared in a gift.. I think it was Polo perfume.. , Godiva chocolates.. a soft toy moose from Sweden, and the dinner that I bought her.. apparently that counted too.. so I ended up a one man gift machine.. lol.
Her bouquet were red roses.. or were they lilies.. drat I don't remember.. I never saw the actual bouquet either.. I have to stop doing this =)

I can still remember the sound of her voice with the surge of emotions, the look on her face, the grateful warmth that's somehow conveyed across a great distance..

What is it about flowers that can create such an effect?
Is it the fact they look really nice?
or is it their transient nature?
Or the fact that they are fragile things and there's a certain appeal with things that are fragile?
What is it?

Most of the 'her's are different people
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User: (Anonymous)
Date: 2007-05-09 03:13 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
...it's a SYMBOLIC thing.

It's supposed to mean something along the lines of, "I'm crazy about you. I remembered your/our/a very special day. I adore you enough to spend hard-earned money on something for you, which has next to no value besides being a symbolic gesture."

Kind of like a praying mantis bringing his potential mating partner a neatly packaged bug.

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User: dcsjin
Date: 2007-05-09 10:35 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
yeah.. that's what i thought
other than it's pretty?
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