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wait ar.... not full post.. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2007-04-30 00:48
Subject: wait ar.... not full post..
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I am feelingpensivepensive
Tags:birthday, dinners
Aprl 23 onwards
So I met up with Jo on Monday and met some of her friends as well at Leo's. King was there, Lionel was there.. Kel Li was there.. Adrian was there, Wendy, and.. can't remember the other 2's name. Had food at Anggerik after that. The 'flied lice' is GOOD =D

Hit the Gym on Tuesday.. not sure if I did anything after that. Probably not.. I think I'm developing anti-social tendencies.. Have to work hard to remedy that. oh Happy birthday Pei Ru.. =)

I actually hit the clubs on Wednesday.. well not so much clubs but Zouk. I went with YC and Debbie and Chen Hoe met us there. Before that, saw Rascal again.. That fella is getting quite big.. gosh.. In case you forgot who he is, here are the older pics.
Mambo was on and it was the eve of a public holiday but it was kinda empty I think people were beginning to leave the city for the long weekend (take the friday off and voila! instant long weekend)
It wasn't empty empty. There were still people, just not AS many as there normally would be. I mean.. there was no long ass line outside?
I called it quits at about 1.30am. I still had to work the next day... sigh
Oh and on my way out, I bumped into Sue and Rachel. Well I bumped into Sue first and THEN Rachel showed up.
NOW.. how to tell a drunk from a non-drunk..
I've known her for about a year? and this HAD to be a first...
*squeal* then a hug..
First question I asked her,"are you drunk?"

Hit the gym again on Thursday.. feeling a little wasteful since I haven't been going to the gym as much and I'm paying quite a large sum (by my standards anyway) of money to be a member. Again, not sure if I did anything after that.. I think I may have met YC on thursday or on tuesday for some yumcha.. or was it the movie 'The holiday' which was enjoyable actually.. I mean I KNOW that I went over to watch the movie.. just not sure when it was that I saw it.

Friday 27th April
It was Rachel's bday and the celebratory dinner and after dinner was at Sanctuary over at The Curve.
I think the food is pretty decent AND value for money.
However, I don't like the service. My food was the last to arrive, and I was HUNGRY and.. it didn't come in its entirety. What most of us ordered was the set dinners. So only half my set came and I finished it all before the rest came. And this was after repeated prompting. I was getting quite pissy... I gave the full-on pissed off look.. which I've been told is pretty scary.. =D but the waiter seemed non-plussed about it.. bah
Went with Sue downstairs after that to get some BR icecream.. Pralines and cream! Yeap.. I like my icecream =) After that went back upstairs to cut the cake.
Oh attendees, Jo-Lyn, Sue, Ming Li, Eugene, Ean, 2 others (don't remember name), Yew Kit, anddd.... gf? =P forgot name.. crap.. Anita came by later as well.. The cake-cutting was a disaster. The fan was hard at work I tell you.. The most number of candles that I managed to get lit were 2.. out of 7.. after 5-10 minutes of trying, 2 candles was all that she needed to blow out.. lol AND I still had to shield the candles from the fan.. mehh..
We went in after that. There is no dance floor to speak off and it was PACKED.. I spent most of the time against the wall.. by choice =) Lots of hot chicks around.. and also some grossly underaged kids.. seriously.. live a normal life ppl.. Kids at your age should be sleeping or doing more wholesome activities. NOT smoking nor drinking. Left around 1+. Sent Ming Li home. =)

Dinner on Saturday was at NeroVivo. You can read more about it here. I think Kat Choo organised this one.. =) went over to Alvin's for a while after that.

Paintball was on SUNDAY!!! w00t! after.. 8 years of waiting I finally made it.. =P
Of course I didn't exactly want to wake up.. hehe.. I mean 6 bloody am.. seriously.. on a sunday? No pictures.. just a liberal amount of cursing.. =)
was supposed to meet up at 6.30am at Petronas in TTDI, Ken didn't wake up until around 6.40am..
went over to MacD's for some brekkie and met 2 of his friends.. Reza? Haris? and then went up to Bukit Tinggi. After an uneventful drive there, finally arrived.. visor, etc.. ready to go!
First round, me, Pat, Albert and Kat were the defenders.. We successfully defended. =) I shot Alvin 3 times even..one of them was a nice bruise.. =) mwahahaha
2nd round, we were the attackers, and I got shot once =( but it didn't hurt.. I was wearing double t-shirts and he shot from quite a distance. (alvin) The bitchiest thing about this game is that the visor FOGS UP.. omigod. How do you spot someone when your visor is all fogged up and they are also wearing camo gear AND hiding.. shit..
We did another jungle, touch the base and it didn't go too well... we lost this one and the subsequent one as well where we were the attackers. Lots of crawling and climbing and clambering.. not to mention your friendly neighbourhood spider family (pat), various assorted leeches and other bugs..
good times.. haha =)
had lunch at Genting Sempah after that and then went home. I joined YC and WS, Mark and Arthur for dinner.. well they had their dinner, I was there to .. share table? =) It absolutely poured after a while and me and YC went to Sook Yee's house and caught the movie, Music and Lyrics, the lead roles played by Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. On paper, looks a good combination but they lack the chemistry. I believe that both of them are too.. quirky to work together. They both do the quips/one-liner things well and you can laugh with them but they just don't sparkle together.
There are some nice moments and music is an integral part. Oh Hugh Grant sings in this one and Drew Barrymore did one little one as well.

This concludes last week's post.. This week's will be done whenever.. =)
have a good one peeps..
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