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recapping is fun.. =P - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2007-04-02 02:17
Subject: recapping is fun.. =P
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great news!
I scored 4 goals today at futsal.. has to be a mini-record somewhere.. =P

My weekend totally tanked..
well not totally totally.. but mostly

getting ahead of myself
let me start from where I left off..

Friday night, I had a reservation to go to Villa Danielli for dinner with a friend.
Chronology of events is as such,
since she only gets off work at 9, I decided that I could actually go to the gym after all.
so I was for the most parts on time.. and THEN i realised that i had actually forgotten my house keys.. had to go home to change u see..
I was hoping against hope that someone would be home to open the door for me.
Unbeknownst to me, everyone was out so I had to call my sis to come save me. I couldn't very well go to villa danielli wearing shorts and a t-shirt..

so this started the chain of lateness.
I got to centerpoint late, and then on the way there, I forgot to make the turning at jalan sultan ismail as I usually do when headed to Sheraton Imperial... So stuck in a mini-jam outside Concorde. gahhh
as if I couldn't be any later. My friend was like, at least we'll be able to have dessert there =)

We arrived at VD at about.. 10.10 pm and the waiter gave me the 'dude, do u know it's already 10.10 pm' look. And told me that the kitchen was gonna be closed in 10 minutes. meh..
So we ordered quickly and the food duly came.
I must say the presentation for the lamb cutlet wasn't as good as the first time that we had it. Perhaps it was the lateness of the hour, or a different chef. I don't know. BUT the portion was a lot more generous this time. 5 cutlets as opposed to when me and Pat ordered it, it was like 2 pieces.. We remember it distinctly because it was so good at that time that we licked out bones clean. It was also a little charred.. but according to her, it was still good. I wouldn't know, I had pasta.. which was done amatriciana style, one of my favourites when I was in Australia.

We shared an apple tart for dessert. A little different from the usual apple tart. Think roti canai style where u can taste/feel the layers?
The accompanying ice-cream was awesome though =)

Dropped her off after dinner and I joined my friends at Tiffs' at Starhill. I was there for a total of 30 minutes? before the band stopped performing. It does seem like a nice place to chill though. BIG comfy sofas, waitresses in super short skirts.. =P oh and jazzy music. What's there not to like? haha
ok so THIS is mostly the good part about my weekend

On saturday, I met RascalRascal for the first time. Apparently, I've been drafted to be god-father #2 to the little fella..More pics here. Also joined YC and Wei Si for their dinner. I ate in the end =P
sent wei si home. There were some reservations about what kind of topics would we cover during the journey.. in case it got awkward.
But I dont' think it was a problem.. she was chatty enough =)

I went for a bbq over at Alvin's after that. Met a few ppl there, saw a few ppl there and I confess, I dont' remember their names.
I had to leave early cos I had to wake up at 4.30 am to go to Teluk Intan for Cheng Ming
I didn't sleep early enough so I ended up with about 3+ hours of sleep. woke up with a headache and slept most of the way there. Was supposed to drive but my dad managed without me. =P
Oh the rear left window jammed up.. And it had to rain. So the trade off was a very noisy ride courtesy of the emergency door glass replacement (think oversized plastic bag) which fluttered furiously in the rushing wind.
had brunch next to my dad's old house in Teluk Intan. Will update this post tomorrow with the pictures. I took some courtesy of my camera phone. =)
here they are

The rest can be found here.

bought some biscuits back for a few ppl.. came back
phone call,
slept again,
phone call again,
slept somemore,
more phone calls,
more attempts at sleeping
phone calls galore!

I gave up in the end. Headache was still there though. I had to cancel on KatChoo cos sister got into an accident. serious enough to warrant a tow truck.
Was at the police station for a good 2 hours.
YEAP.. that's my weekend
Oh I went to visit Rascal again as well as pass YC a packet of the biscuits.
Went for futsal later.. woohoo.. see first line
Met Jo-Lyn to pass her her packet of biscuits.. and then
oh and met the much raved about, bestest friend in the world, for jo anyway, Sue Lyn. and.. Wye Wah.. =P

yeap.. so here I am. I thought i'd give a blow by blow account this time to enliven things.

One more thing
Happy birthday sherly
I hope you will find your happiness wherever you are.

SooJ, over and out.
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