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Recap! - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2007-03-08 02:00
Subject: Recap!
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I am feelingboredbored
Listening toBlue October - 18th Floor Balcony
Chinese New year
15 days of.. excuse for gambling =)
it's my only vice

first day..
first 6 hours anyway.. gambling! won a little =)
Jo tong came along and lost though but just a little

12 hours after that
i was bed ridden with a fever
30 hours after that,
I went out =)

Overall for CNY, it was a loss.. but the last day of CNY, the poker was good.. I was in my groove.. lol.. =)
getting ahead of myself
did very little visiting
spent too much time at home cos the CNY spirit was just not there this year.. Everyone gave the lazy/no mood excuse which was, truth be told, a mood-killer

Oh I went to Eva's home for 'open house'
The sarawak laksa was da bomb.. yum.. but gambling sucked arse..
I saw Sarah again after like.. 5 years? From what little I could 'eavesdrop', it appears she's engaged..
so if she is.. congrats =)
Eva's expecting her 2nd already.. haha
crazy woman..

Wednesday was the CNY dinner that Nick organised. I can't say I smiled much.. got annoyed when ppl started lighting up in an enclosed room when no one else was.. I mean just go out and pollute the air in the toilet or something.. my eyes got really irritated which contributed to me not smiling..

Thursday was the mom's side family dinner thing that my dad does every year.
I went around and greeted everyone.. hehe .. ok it's not terribly interesting but.. still note-worthy to me
I sat at the same table as my cousins who were close to 20 years older than i am (the oldest)
and they were talking about kids..
how to get kids

after a while, it got around to me, how old I was and.. the collective gasp
"omigod you're already that old?" and etc..
and yeah they went on about how I used to be this tall and etc.. *rolls eyes*
so one day i'll have that conversation with other ppl.. getting kids.. *shudder*

Oh dinner was at Amcorp Mall - Overseas Restaurant for both times

Friday was the start of work day and we closed at 12 to go for lunch. Company luncheon for friends, staff and guest.. 2 floors of the Imbi Road Overseas Restaurant.
3 days of Overseas rest.. meh..
the rest of the day was spent resting. Night time consisted of gambling at 2 venues..
the boys from primary school and playing god of prosperity to Kath's Wong's friends.. .....
both of which I lost money.. bleagh..
there is something to be said about 'fools'
'fools' enjoy 'fools' luck as they say in chinese.. and I was on the receiving end of that

Saturday was a work day though it was very quiet.. can't quite remember what I did. Pretty sure there was gambling involved..
Oh wait
it was Alvin and Diana's bday celebration at One Bangsar.. can't remember the .. wait it's called Vicenzo's
food isn't bad, pricey.. but only for their bday eh? =)
There were 2 other girls there.. both were attractive.. one was more chatty and the other more quiet..
after dinner, it was over to vintry's
waiting for ppl to show up so that we can enjoy the gorgeous cake from Bakerzine.. yum.. =) common decency didn't prevail. We had to call before they told us NOT BLOODY COMING..
and that was the bday celeb. Waited for nearly 2 hours for the cake though..
Went to YJ's house after that. won small money. Saw some high school mates though. Haven't seen some in a while. Since it ended early, went to look for my cousin over in the new section of Kelana near the LRT depot..
not sure if i won or lost. If i did, it would have been minimal.. =) Had KFC at 5 am in the morning.. certainly an unusual morning.. haha
I also learnt something about someone who was once a close friend.. interesting revelations i suppose

Can't recall what I did on sunday.
Oh Jo-Lyn's open house then prayin to the king of heaven's (strictly a hokkien affair)
at Jo-Lyn's house, I saw Rach and Sue after a while.. Rach complimented me.. yay =D
no one else did so they don't get a mention

Dinners and mamaks for the next week.
following Friday was floyd's bday celebration.. I think his bday was yesterday.. hm.. whoops
happy birthday man =)
I hope you enjoyed the party. Food over at Lai Lyn's kopitiam was GOOD! seriously.. and judging by the prices on the menu, not expensive either. Drop by if you're in the kelana jaya vicinity
things to have.
the chicken rendang and the mee siam
Left early to go to Bee Shin's open house.. sat around a bit.. chit chat.. gambled during the last 10 mins.. won 15 bucks.. yay =P
oh Met Ed's gf for the first time.. I know I've said it many times before but she looks familiar.. don't know why..

Saturday night was the dinner organised by my cousin. the food STANK.. summer palace = no go
after that, went to Xiao Jin's house over at Seri Kembangan.. and there I met Yan May again after like.. 9 years
gambled... etc..
very bad luck.. Lots.. the 2+ hour session of blackjack, I only had one blackjack.. on the last hand no less.. sigh..

Sunday, slack day
night time
poker session with my once a year friends
=) primary school buddies.. haha
we congregate
well I join them only for one reason ( but in my defence, they never call me out for anything else )

I won!
last day of CNY and I won
so it wasn't so bad
though overall it's still a negative

Now if i can look past the 4 stolen tyres,
it has been a good CNY
oh, work has been hectic like mad..
I try hard at being colloquial.. =P

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