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quick updates.. before CNY - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2007-02-16 08:57
Subject: quick updates.. before CNY
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I am feelinghappyhappy
wednesday night.. dinner with Kat Choo n Chen Hoe
then went home... yay =D

Thursday, took half a day off and dragged Jo-Lyn along for MY CNY shopping
oh and had a hair cut as well.
We call it the wind-blown hair cut. When you see me, you'll know why.. =)
I bought 2 shirts. Nothing else really caught my eye.

Had dinner/supper with Kat Wong.. congregation or so it was called.. due to a miscommunication, I thought it was dinner, while she thought it was supper. I blame her!

Went to USJ after that to meet up with YC.. It's her bday today! Happy birthday dear! =D
so officially I was the first one to give her the greeting by virtue of her sitting in front of me past the stroke of midnight.. haha
oh Alicia spotted me driving like a madman on the way to USJ and called me up to tell me to slow down.. hehe.. She remembers my license plate! *misreads the connotation*
kidding ppl kidding..

anyway.. typically I don't have much time to post during CNY
so.. in case..

p.s. today's the last day of work.. =P

"I love valentine's day.. i get to remember that i'm alone.."
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