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so.. =) - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2007-02-02 01:36
Subject: so.. =)
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I am feelingaccomplishedaccomplished
Listening toEtta James - At Last
this month,
or rather last month, I went to a club.. twice =) which is kind of like a personal record
on both occasions
I had to take care of drunk ppls..

one i had to dead-haul back to their room..
the other, we had to make 2 stops to empty stomach contents.. *names omitted to protect the alcoholics*

fun.. really.. =) I enjoyed myself and the company was very accommodating both times..
I saw Yim and Khai Woon as well at Zouk last night as well as a bunch of other ppl.. Oh yeah Mabel, my classmate from monash couldn't see me at all.. *shrug* Oh I saw Tze Min too though I didn't call out.. Jo-Lyn was there with her little girl group posse sans .. nvm =) Nick was supposed to be there but he went to Maison instead.. hmm.. wonder why
all in all fun.. =)

Been hitting the gym a little too hard of late, bloody sore
Met Jo Tong today for lunch.. I've yet to catch Blood Diamond. Must do it soon before they yank the damn thing off the silver screen.

There's something else that i was gonna post..
an excerpt
".. As I waited and gathered my courage, I wondered about my reaction upon hearing her voice again. Would I crumble? Could I be blase? How long before it's too late? How long will she wait? These I wonder.."
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