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I need to be fitter... stronger.. faster.. In short I need to be the… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-05-06 01:18
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I am feelinghappy happy *zing wing zing*
Listening toBlue - If You Come Back
I need to be fitter... stronger.. faster.. In short I need to be the 6 million dollar man!! to those old enough to remember that old tv series... =)
Today.. got up a little later than planned.. I actually got the tickets for Spider-Man for tomorrow night at 9.30pm.. but had to wait in line for like 12 minutes.. sigh.. oh well.. it's only 12 minutes.. I get to see Jing tomorrow night so I guess it's worth it? =)
on another note.. SY finally replied to my ICQ msg.. and she seemed.. agreeable to the meeting up to catch up idea..
oh.. yeah went to have lunch after buying the tix at 1U .. in selayang.. had a lot of weird things ( weird way of cooking and fishes I usually don't eat ) and none of the favourites.. for example.. we had shark meat? then came back for a while.. then HK called up to go have a really early dinner in gohtong jaya.. and since their cars can't go up genting.. I asked my dad if I could take the E class.. lo and behold.. he agreed.. =) That was the only car left cos my sis went to watch the Disney on Ice.. =)
anyway.. non eventful ride up.. oh wait.. there was the FUCKING MANIAC on the road in taman mayang whom I nearly hit and I was going at like 30kph.. he just came out of the junction without even stopping or slowing down.. and there was a car coming from the other side.. so I did what was left as an option for me.. I mother fucking SWERVED.. and since i'm so skillful I avoided both cars.. it was a very close call indeed... and the EGO floating around in this particular post is most.. ... ermm.. I dunno.. I only know there are gonna be ppl deflating ego soon enough... dinner was good as always.. it was pretty packed oh and we got free fruits.. very very sweet papaya.. =)
the dinner came up to 63 for 4 ppl.. quite nice.. =) ride up there is a little long but hey.. who's complaining oh except BEE SHIN who keeps saying she's bored.. urghhh..
came back down.. passed the car to dad.. and off he and mom to dinner at uncle's place while I waited for my ride for another night of sports..
my badminton is definitely improving albeit a little too slowly.. but my basketball was once again a total waste of time.. I'm wondering if it's because I'm pretty much exhausted from the badminton before starting on basketball..
there was 13 ppl playing basketball today.. =) a little on the crowded side but it was alright..
after that.. standard goin for drinks and go home..
oh my side lost.. =) again.. for the 2nd week running.. this is why I said the FIRST line up there.. I don't like losing..
another long day tomorrow..
adios amigos =)
and.. peace be with you my friends.. I wish I could see you guys.. =) lol.. I know those that are reading this posts are limited.. and not in Malaysia.. hehe.. hmm.. I'm rambling again..
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