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try to keep up.. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2007-01-15 09:49
Subject: try to keep up..
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So.. been a little lax in the updates..

I like to '...' i noticed =D

I have to admit, I cannot remember everything that i've done in the past 2 weeks.
I know I took my mom to dinner at Aoyama,
met up with a bunch of them over at Relish

then went to Skybar with YC, Chen Hoe, Sook Yee and also Mei Yee. Coincidentally, that night happened to be Mei Yee's bday as well so I think we may have sang her a song..
I am not very sure.. =P
There were a bunch of pictures taken with my phone which I may post. See mood.
*edit* pictures posted..

The rest of it is here.

Lunch was with Tammie near her place, food wasn't great but it was nice catching up with her again. Oh posted the pics of dinner with her at sevenatenine here

Sunday was the play Betrayal. They talked a lot.. This whole play was more talking(dialogue) rather than any physical movement. It was a small and intimate set so you were pretty close to the actors and can see their facial expression, appreciate the nuance and pick out the little details like her fidgeting when she met him again after 2 years, etc..
Cynthia, Sook Yee's sister made an interesting observation about the female lead's clothes. Whether by accident or design, as her character moved back in time, her clothes were gradually whiter.. as in there were more white in it. Towards the end, it was all black. So in a way, it's a way of reflecting on her purity.. interesting, no?
It was a pretty big group this time, 15 ppl (1 absentee) and I was early for the.. 3rd time maybe? and there were many later ppl.. *glares* and I guess I got a bit annoyed waiting.. so to those who saw me glare at them.. sorry =) oh and I gave the painting that I bought in Penang to the intended recipient.. I took a picture of that but it's at home.
In her own words, she was touch-ed. lol

played futsal later.. t'was solid..
End of week 1 recap

Week 2 begin
later in the week, I met up with YC and we had a Thursday thing at Leo's in Taipan area. It was a pretty nice place, interesting food, many different types of drinks and excellent/enthusiastic staff. I would go there again definitely.

Oh then met up with Jo Lyn also on wednesday?.. she shared some happy news, and also her new nose stud.. it looks cool.

Friday night, had dinner at La Gourmet House at the Curve. The food is quite good. After that we went to Heaven Cafe and had a sit down. Nice singing.. they were pretty good. If you get there during their happy hour (read before 8pm) the drinks are approx 1/3 the price. And the food smells great. Met Michael after a while then we got to talking and now he's also included in my informal play mailing list. =)

Saturday night, wedding dinner of my dad's good friend's daughter. After that supposed to head somewhere but.. didn't make it in the end. Ended up playing DOTA.. this is rapidly becoming our default activity.
Sunday, had lunch in that place.. crap, the name eludes me at the moment. 6 of us, Jo, Kath, Sook Yee, Chen, Floyd and me. after that.. sigh DOTA again =)

and then dinner at Peranakan House and the DOTA again..

I need new alternatives!!!
or do I?
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