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quick.. holiday recap - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2007-01-04 00:01
Subject: quick.. holiday recap
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I am feelingcheerfulcheerful
Listening toKaren Mok - Ru Guo Mei You Ni
christmas eve...

in between, lots of DOTA.. -> geeky metamorphosis in process
There was a post-Christmas get-together at Lai Lyn's house on a Thursday.. chinese class was cancelled..
Oh also a Christmas day thing at her house as well..

Thanks for inviting me =)

There was also a bbq at Sook Yee's house on Christmas day..
I like free food..

conversation about.. 'packaging'

also met up with Jo Lyn a few times.. once for lunch as well

New Year's Eve's EVE up until New Year's Day, I was in Penang with Floyd, Chen Hoe, Sook Yee, Lai Lyn, Kwong Heng, Johanna, and Frank.
8 ppl..
2 cars..
pictures will follow when I've figured out which ones to post..
There's a fair bit to post..
my bday celeb pictures courtesy of Lai Lyn.. I still need to get another batch from Joa

sorry, I digress..
lots of eating.. travelling (duh) and resting..
for some reason.. everyone was quite the sloth-like except Frank who was going wild on the beach (ok I exaggerate a little)

Penang food = over-rated
the book 'makansutra' DON'T Buy it
BURN it if you have it
so.. bloody unreliable..

We thought about making our own guide..
with my facial expression being the rating factor... =)

On the way there, we stopped at Bidor at about.. 6am for breakfast.. 'duck noodle' - Noodle sucked, duck was decent
on the way back, stopped at Ipoh for dinner..'taugeh chicken'
the trip was greatly helped by the fact that we had Floyd in one car and me in the other.. and we each had a walkie talkie supplied by Floyd so during the highway journey, we were spamming each other with random stuff and singing.. *grin*
lots of laughter.. seriously heaps.. made the long journey there quite bearable.. and also the drive around penang island. But due to the poor reception, the MOST commonly used word was 'HUH?'
On the way back, I drove ahead so we didn't do that anymore.. =)

The hotel Copthorne Orchid wasn't too bad..
They even have a few old school arcade machines downstairs.. wicked =)
All in all, cheap holiday.. good laughs, fond memories =)

also met up with Nicole who gave the trip a miss due to serious illness.. I totally claim all the credit for making her MFC at home work.. and free meals rock too..

and now..
back to work!
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