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back to my favourite topic.. =) - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2007-01-03 23:16
Subject: back to my favourite topic.. =)
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Listening toYu Heng - You Ni Duo Hao
and u don't win any prizes for guessing what it is..

in the vein of.....
being abstract

once upon a time,
in the land of forever, there lived an idiot MooMoo who ambled around life without much of an effort..
Things just happened and therein lied the problem, he took things for granted..

He met this chicka.. let's call her.. Idealistic..
Things went along fine for a while.... For some odd reason, she had the temerity to ask, why don't we fight.. and it was like the floodgates started after that.
Things dragged on till the following year and then he had enough (or so he thought) and made the decision..
Tears, and other things occurred.. something else happened then at the same time...
Idealistic became Jaded..
MooMoo was still.. well.. MooMoo

fast forward 7 years.. 3 relationships and 2 failures in a year later.. MooMoo realised the rules have changed and things will not come by without any effort anymore..
every aspect of life has changed over the 7 years.. but one thing that still remained was the yardstick that Idealistic was..

The person formerly known as Idealistic (Jaded) was now at the cusp of a new beginning.. could it be? She may yet go through another metamorphosis into Hope... Could there still be sincerity out there?
And *bam*.. she met Sincere..

MooMoo now realises that what's done is done, despite all wishful thinking.. =)
and he too undergoes his own change..

not Bitter, not Cynical, not Jaded..
for he will always retain a sense of the impossible..
as he was once told,"You have the capacity to love completely and that scares me. You can open up your heart and you are prepared to be hurt."
He never realised that before and always thought that he was wholly incapable of giving his all.. maybe it's a self-esteem issue.. =)
So in the end, and always, he will give his all though he'll be able to accept that things doesn't always go your way.

to the person formerly known as Idealistic and Jaded..
know that Acceptance is happy for you.. I know cos he told me so.. =)
take care and all the best
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