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mwahaha - stole from PAT.. yes he updated - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2006-12-26 11:53
Subject: mwahaha - stole from PAT.. yes he updated
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I am feelingdeviousdevious
Good lordy.. =P
the previous test

even that says i'm emo..
but am i really?

where is the real me?

Idealist, loyal, giving, kindness, value family n friends
recurring themes.

apparently I like to take charge too..
and have a tendency not to follow through on things that dont interest me

I relate to this
"In your relationships, you tend to be fiercely loyal and devoted. You often put your friends and family ahead of your work, which doesn't go unnoticed. You may tend to avoid conflict when possible and can even tend to hide your personal pain or hardship because you feel it will burden others. This can cause people to feel shut out from you. Those closest to you are comforted by your selfless and dependable nature."
"In your relationships, you tend to be caring and loving, if a bit removed. You tend to be willing to put forth great effort but may also tend to repress some of your emotions. This may make personal relationships tough for you to keep at times. Your tendency toward perfectionism can be a recipe for disappointment when dealing with matters of the heart, as questions of human nature rarely have black and white answers."
"You may tend to be so focused on your work life that success in that area can sometimes come at the expense of your relationships. You are a caring person to those you love but may have a hard time showing it at times."
"In your relationships, you tend to be an outgoing person and people enjoy being around you. You may find, however, that you sometimes have difficulty connecting with people on an intimate level."
"In your relationships, you probably tend to be loving and sentimental. You yearn for peace on a personal level and are exceptionally concerned about the welfare of others. You have an incredible capacity for love, and this emotional tendency can manifest itself in mood swings at times." -> moody
"In your relationships, you tend to be caring and loyal. You make close new friendships quickly and are open and honest. Your willingness to say what is on your mind can be an asset, or a liability, depending on the situation. " -> blunt =)

and this
"You are sensitive to subtle changes in the mood and well-being of those close to you and try to lift people up when they are down." though I'm a failure at it..

basically.. i'm a robot who cares..

What do u think?
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