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well.. it's that time again.. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2006-12-23 14:24
Subject: well.. it's that time again..
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I am feelingsillysilly

bday greetings
it's Chen Hoe's bday TODAY.
we made an attempt at a surprise last night at ermmm.. restaurant mentioned in this post
but.. i dunno.. it got way obvious
ahaha =)
but he was good enough sport to go .. wahh =P

I have some pictures of the various ppl that showed up which i'll upload soon.
the MEAT was excellent. the salad bar was EXCELLENT -> lots of variety there
actually more specifically,
The lamb was da bomb, but the beef wasn't as good..

You can actually have 2 types, one is with the meat buffet OR just the salad bar buffet
So ppl who were there...
Floyd (organiser), yours truly (semi-assistant), Shirley, Joa, Pete, Kwong Heng, Lai Lyn, Albert ermm.. and Kathleen came by later
a few of them couldn't make it due to last night being the 'passing of winter festival'
which is an important event in the chinese calender.
Alvin, Diana, Jo-lyn, JJ, Sharon ermm.. Pat was still flying back from Jogyokarta at the time of the dinner so.. he missed it as well.. =)

after that it was a game of DOTA with chen hoe, floyd and shirley.. haha
and we called it a night at about 3.. =)

next post will be about the past 2 weeks shenanigans
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