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I think i'm getting better at badminton.. =) on another note.. Do I… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-05-04 00:37
Subject: (no subject)
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I think i'm getting better at badminton..
on another note.. Do I expect too much from ppl? I mean if we're supposed to be friends can I not expect to be called occasionally? that sort of thing.. Or in today's instance.. maybe talk to me even? Today after badminton, we went to yumcha.. I had Chye and HY to come join us.. They spent all their time talking about work.. and the perfunctory hi .. that's all.. how much more anti social can you get? does that mean that I shouldn't be expecting any kind of.. exhibition of the friendship that we're supposed to have?
it's.. pissing off to say the least to have ppl like that who're supposed to be friends.. I could look at it this way.. they don't work in the same department and want to compare what they've learnt so far and thus have no time to talk to a friend who's not even a graduate yet.. Michele says that I expect too much from ppl.. that's why I'm always bitterly disappointed.. curiously.. Joo Bee says the same thing too..
am i really that demanding?
are ppl supposed to exhibit no interest in calling their friends unless they need something from you/ or does that mean they're not friends?
that settles it.. I am friendless.. =)
I'm tired..nighty-o
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