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a week on.. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2006-11-13 17:27
Subject: a week on..
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I am feelingsleepysleepy
at the same time last week, I was in a similar conundrum.. who to have dinner with..
only today it's not my bday so no one will feel any guilt in turning me down =P

but i am running ahead of myself
Let's go over the events of the last week..

I did have dinner with YC in the end on Monday.. and drinks after with Jo-Lyn.
So in that day, I had someone sing happy bday to me, someone else compose a very odd poem for me and yet another someone telling me off.. no prizes for guessing the identity of the last person.

Wednesday I postponed the planned dinner with uni friends as I had to head to Ipoh for a spot of factory visiting with a potentially very big client..
Can foresee problems but fingers crossed, everything will work out.. Oh and of all days, I had to pick that day to be ill.. it was that kinda week.. resignation mixed with an air of inevitability. but I got through it alright.. got home at about 9.

Thursday I showed up for Chinese class.. it's been too long since I went for class.. hehe. After that had the regularly scheduled Thursday thing with YC.

OH YEAH Friday!
Was gonna have dinner with Sook Yee, Lai Lyn at someplace in Damansara Heights? The name continually eludes me..
Anyway.. them devious ppl planned a surprise thing for me which was given away by Lai Lyn calling ahead to inform the 'restaurant' that we were running late without even stating who she was... *cue alarm bells in the naturally suspicious mind*
So when we go there.. there was already some.. 10 7? ppl there.
Let's see if I can get the names right..
starting from the head of the table, Pat, Ken, Chen Hoe, Floyd, Pete, Joa Quim, Jo-Lyn and plus us 3 = 10.
Diana and Alvin came soon after as did Kwong Heng. Nick, Chye Jin, Yeok Cheng andNicole couldn't make it.
The food was above average.. One of the must-try has got to be the Chilli lamb starter.. excellent stuff =)

Anyway.. There was this gorgeous cake from Bakerzine.. it looked to be a 1.5kg strawberry cheesecake.. Delicious.. =)
and the presents.. I got a wallet from Braun Buffel to replace my dying 2 month old wallet.. + a shirt from Raoul.. (which doesn't fit.. the sleeves aren't long enough.. sigh) but it was a nice shirt.. It would go well with my .. ermm.. hmm.. I gotta get some new clothes..
Oh and not to forget the very nice handmade card which LaiLyn made.. yay =)

They made me do a speech which by then I did my standard mind-wipe and was thus unable to come up with anything better than, thanks for everything.... *rolls eyes*
I did better with the sms I sent out later though.. hehe sad
There wasn't a group hug.. just myriad small ones.. =) thanks..
For posterity's sake..
Thanks for the present, Ken, Nick, Floyd, Kwong Heng, Pat, Albert, Jo-Lyn, Yeok Cheng, Lai Lyn, Joa, Leonard, Diana, Alvin, Chen Hoe, Nicole, Jing Jing (If I missed anyone out, I apologise, I'm just firing blindly from memory here. Will edit later)
Don't have any pics though but Lai Lyn and Joa should have since they whipped out their usual cameras.. =)

Me, CH and Pat went LAN gaming after that.. ahh.. the life of the geek =)
Stayed too long though.. I was so half dead at work on Saturday that by the time night came, I crashed and only woke up at 2 am.. which was actually caused by my sis's incessant knocking.
woke up for abit until 5 then went back to bed.

Next morning I woke up at an ungodly 9 am.. Got a nice haircut, had lunch at Restoran Yut Kee.. You gotta try the french toast there.. the kaya = da bomb.. Roti babi was certainly something different.. quite nice too.. we were definitely exhibiting newcomer syndrome. Each of us, Len, Jo and me had one roti babi each and also another main course after that PLUS a french toast to share after that..
but it was so good.. hahaha

I caught The Odd Couple at KLPAC later in the afternoon.. That sunday was weird.. I was early/earliest for both events.. The odd couple had a lot of punch lines and was funnier overall but I think Frankenstein in Love which we caught 2 weeks prior was better overall in terms of story and.. 'meat' for the play. So those who came were, PAT (who did the .. huh wat? oh shit it's 3 o'clock already thingie) and Yeok Cheng who was stuck in the mother of all jams.. and Joa and Huey Yee + Lai Lyn and Floyd. Kwong Heng couldnt' make it so one ticket was wasted. Jo and Len were in KLPAC as well but they were just there to chill out and have coffee.

Those of us who went for the play went for coffee after minus Joa and Huey Yee. Oh I spotted Joyce from http://www.xanga.com/kinkybluefairy at Mont Kiara while on the way to Starbucks.. Didn't say hi since I'm shy and I don't know her personally.... but I find her journal a riot to read.. it's quite wacky.. lol
Dinner was with Lai Lyn and Kwong Heng.. BKT rulez.. seriously.. =)
yumm... *satisfied sigh*

Went to futsal after that.. my god.. my shooting boots was so not on that night.. I hit the post 3 times.. out of 3 times I was actually in a position to shoot and another time, the cross came in and HIT my standing feet.. what is fricking wrong with me? sigh...
Saw the match after that, Liv vs Arse.. can't believe what a lopsided match it was.. but didn't matter, MU already won the day before.. =D

It's crazy how on 3 consecutive mondays, there's a bday.. =)
Len, Me, Her.. and the following week though NOT a monday is Jo-Lyn's bday..
They're planning an expensive dinner
*runs away*
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User: (Anonymous)
Date: 2006-11-20 03:39 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Awww thankie! Yeah it's funny how all our bdays are all a week apart (well, almost)

Twas nice catching up with you guys that day. Hopefully I can be at more of the dinners again soon.

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User: dcsjin
Date: 2006-11-21 04:39 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
cool =) will look forward to it.. too bad u missed out on the wicked pitches: mostly we moon. It was good =)

acapella singsong thing
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