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so... - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2006-11-06 02:09
Subject: so...
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I am feelingrestlessrestless
Listening toMy Chemical Romance - Welcome to the Black Parade
happy birthday to me
In the midst and the leadup to my 26th, I'm having a quarter life crisis..
simply perfect

and to top it off, i sprained my ankle, got some skin scraped off.. all in the name of futsal.

oh.. and the first one to msg today.. was totally unexpected.. and.. unwelcome.
Charlene actually posed that question the other day when we had dinner, what if she comes back..
I think I said something like I'd freak out and run the opposite direction..
this would be close to that.

and the rest of the well-wishers are oddly enough either ppl not in the country or ppl who aren't all that close... (correct at time of posting)
funny how life is..

yes i like to whine.
yes you don't have to read.


well-wishers so far (in order) (sms unless otherwise specified)
Verena, cousin Soo How, Tricia (testi), Mindy, cousin Sherly & Juliette, Nicole (+call), Charlene (technically the first since she already gave me a present last week =)), Joo Bee, Jeny, Yew Wen (call), Lai Lyn, Nurul, Kathleen W, Pat (WOD), Nick C, Heng Wai (friendster), Huey Yee, Tammie, Sharon Chen, Michele L (call), Sherly (wiri), Jamie (friendster), Su Yin, Jo-Lyn (call), Lenny (MSN), Ken Wai (friendster), cousin Pei Ru (friendster), Jing Jing, Hsiang Yang (last entry) + Chen Hoe (MSN msg)

*edit* *upon the pain of death*
Yeok Cheng as well when we had dinner which she paid for =D free food = win

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