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Another dreary day.. nothing good to report.. =) RAin and MORE… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-05-03 19:40
Subject: (no subject)
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Another dreary day.. nothing good to report.. =) RAin and MORE RAIN!!!
ermm.. there seems to be a lot of simmering tensions at work.. =) ppl not getting along with other ppl.. Today was one of those days I was out a lot.. plus I spent like more than an hour at the bank creating a bank account with Alliance bank.. There are 2 chicky things there.. mmmm.... Yanno.. I think if I was more bold.. i'd either A) scare em off.. B) do it good humouredly enough so that they'll actually NOT be scared of me..
I had some thoughts I wanted to put in here.. but I forgot em.. hmm.. senility creeping up on me unsuspectingly.. but I see it now that fuddy duddy old man won't catch me!!!
in case you're SLOW.. fuddy duddy old man here refers to senility... =)

I went to setapak, near to setapak and no kepong today.. just passed it by.. I detest working in the rain...
cos of my holey jeans.. after a week of working the knees gave way.. ( jean's not mine )
then the other knee as well.. soo.. now it looks like i'm attempting to follow the grunge scene.. bleh.. but i'm too poor to actually afford new threads so these will have to do..
HK the lousy bastard have not gotten back to me regarding the spiderman thing.. so i'm guessing that he's A) forgotten B) can't be fucked or C) all of the above..
that's it for now..
badminton later..
I wonder if I get a ride there.. hmm..
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