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Bday wishlist - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2006-10-12 10:13
Subject: Bday wishlist
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I am feelingblahblah
1. I've always wanted a PS2 for the past.. 6 years.. Joo Bee can attest to that.. but till this day, I've never gotten around to it due to financial constraints and now ps3 is out already.. =)
2. I want lenny's camera.. *drool*
3. Cross-trainers for gym
4. i guess.. books are always welcome.. =)
5. But i think given that I've never had much in the way of presents.. a card would do fine.. =D and not forgetting.. hahaha..
6. Sony Ericsson k800i
7. Being surrounded by friends.. =)
8. Big hugs..
9. Friends coming back from different corners of the world.. =) (okay i want to feel important)
10. an explanation.... -> this i think will be harder than #9 (just think along things like a cold day in hell, cows flying under their own power, a corruption-free Malaysia, etc...). That's how impossible this would be.

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