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What is a Dylan? - as described by Mich Lean - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2006-09-26 14:29
Subject: What is a Dylan? - as described by Mich Lean
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A Dylan is a creature of ginormous proportions – both in stature and persona. While ‘The Big Friendly Giant’ is at times a little whingy, his drama queen-like ways and subtle guilt tripping methods are often overlooked because of the overwhelming kindness and compassion he shows his friends and acquaintances. A sub-specie of the ‘yes’ variety, Dylan is often found running errands for members of his family and his friends, due in part to his inability to say ‘no’ but more so, his instinctively giving nature. But bear in mind that the Dylan is not a fool; he is in fact a largely critical creature – both of himself and at times, others and has a great desire to constantly improve himself. While this is a commendable attribute, combined with high intelligence, the ability to over-analyze and a little arrogance this can cause bouts of low self-esteem and insecurity. The Dylan has never been known to be mean-spirited or ill of heart – this is perhaps his greatest attribute. He is a creature that you are able to trust and his ability to reassure you in a time of need will show you his truest qualities – an enormously large heart of gold which and a very forgiving nature.

Mating rituals of a Dylan

In my opinion, the Dylan belongs to the ‘pain in the ass’ variety of partners. This is not to say that he is a bad mate. However, his over dramatic ways, criticalness and pickiness can often cause much grief to members of the opposite sex. There are moments when it can be implied that the Dylan mates for companionship more so than actual love, which is advantageous as it allows him to be friends with his partners once the relationship has come to an end. While he is attracted to his partners, there is an underlying sense that he is more so lonely and deprived of nurturing love, a quality he then seeks in his potential partner. The Dylan should pick up a copy of Simone de Beauvoir’s ‘The Second Sex’ if he requires more analyses on this matter. This specie has a very practical and somewhat traditional attitude towards relationships and marriage and while he is not a chauvinist (not entirely), he appears to have set gender roles for the man/woman in the relationship as well as set views of what the dynamics of a relationship should be. It’d be wise for him to, put in his words ‘live it’ once in a while lest he grows to be an old and tiresome man far too soon. However, this does not pose as much of a worry due in large to the fact that the Dylan is an ever learning, ever changing, ever growing and constantly improving personality.

She's a writer..
I wanna write like this..
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User: (Anonymous)
Date: 2006-09-26 14:37 (UTC)
Subject: ;) of such
Dylan is a name of a person right? i'll try to come next saturday with Sam and my gf if u could remembers her, MingChu. something special next week dinner for special someone eh? aside him, when is your d.o.b?

any piccies to see from your recent trip?

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User: dcsjin
Date: 2006-09-26 17:55 (UTC)
Subject: Re: ;) of such
well.. dylan is actually me...
next saturday.. hmm.. the 30th or the 6th?
just checking..
this week, I'll be organising balinese food somewhere in puchong... details will be up later when i know where it is

who's this special someone?
i'm confused =)
my dob? ermm..
06-11 =)
another.. month + to go


oh the pics are in the site already, i just haven't posted.. been a little lazy and no motivation to do so
check out the left side, the bar. there's one that says something about pics.. click on it and sort by most recently updated
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