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Europe Part 1: Sweden - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2006-09-13 06:52
Subject: Europe Part 1: Sweden
Security: Public
Located @Mainz Germany
I am feelingtiredtired
I left on my ‘grand’ adventure on the night of the 7th. My first time to Europe.. Woo.. how exciting right? =) but how much further from the truth it could be. As I sat had to sit in the airport alone, I decided a book was the solution and since I was feeling a bit puckish, had a meal at Delifrance as well. In between I was bugging Tammie with constant msgs so that I sort of had someone to talk to.

When I got on the place, V finally called.. I was thinking that she’d forgotten but she didn’t disappoint. So with a happier state of mind, I switched my phone off. Cue a request for Coke light and then putting my headphones on, I heard Ronan Keating singing away… The irony.

On the morning of the 8th, I arrived at Frankfurt Hbh main airport. Bleary from my lack of sleep and the tight angles that I had to endure during my 12 hour flight, I struggled to get my bearings. The airport was a little dark and the signage weren’t too clear. German people don’t seem to friendly either but perhaps it was the early hour. But I had to ask for assistance as I didn’t know how to read German and the ticket machines for the trains were all stated in German.

Finally bought my ticket and picking the right line was a guessing game as well. I got lucky and picked the right one. I got to Mainz in 20 minutes. I guess the airport was closer to Mainz than the city itself proper.

So at the hotel Konigshof, I set myself for yet another wait for Olle to arrive from Stockholm. I’d bought another book in Frankfurt airport to help pass the time. Almost 3 hours later, he calls, apparently the taxi costs 100 Euros from Hahn airport to Mainz so I took a bus and went to get him.

I took that bus 4 times that day.. lol. We stayed around Mainz for the rest of the day.. Walked around the town for about 3 hours.. man Mainz is quiet.. but from the brochures, I think we didn’t go to the scenic part of town.. In any case, got bored after a while and decided to send out my first batch of postcards. I sent 5 in the first round. One to Tammie, Bee Shin, Verena, Mindy and one to Michele in Melbourne. I just realized that I’m missing a few more addresses for postcards as I write this post.. whoops =) I guess in between my graduation, the subsequent packing for the Europe trip, the ppl that I saw/talked to last, I only remembered to ask.


Finally took the bus back to Hahn for the flight out to Stockholm. Flight was delayed meaning we only got to Stockholm at about 11pm.. This would mean I’d have spent 36 hours having minimal/disturbed sleep and a severe lack of shower.. yuck.. Got to stockholm, stayed at his aunt’s place and finally had a shower and a proper bed to sleep in.

Next morning.. AHHH… the cold crisp morning air.. Just the way I like my weather.. I only managed to sleep 6 hours before waking up a little after dawn. Had a simple breakfast of sandwiches and then set off to explore a little of Stockholm before going to Olle’s summerhouse. We went to the Vasa museum. The Vasa was THE flagship of its time which sank on its maiden voyage… almost 400 years ago. Salvaged some 40 years ago and now on display in a dry dock. So it was a little of a history lesson. Them Scandinavians had a bit of a blood thirsty side. Constant wars between the Scandinavian countries were proof of that. There are some pics which will be placed on my livejournal public pics site.

On our way back, we stopped for some ice-cream. There was a cute Scandinavian chick serving.. petite.. with a little bit of a bunny teeth thing going.. brilliant eyes.. green with flecks of brown.. wow.. and a pert body too.. =P So we lingered a while.. she had a very nice smile.. That’s clincher for me.. A girl’s gotta have a nice smile, that’s what’s I find most attractive in a girl plus the eyes as well.

We had MAX after that. That’s the local competitor for Mac’D’s and my god was the business good!. We were there waiting for half an hour before we got to order. The ChilliCheese balls were good.. yum.. haha =) After that we went to the house to grab our stuff for a night out at the summer house. 45 minutes by car later, we were at the dock. Olle’s dad came in the speedboat to pick us up. It was a pretty fun ride to the summerhouse. I even did a short video of the ride. =)

So finally there, met the entire clan.. sort of clan. Olle’s entire extended family consisting of his dad,Bengt,’s brother and family; Gunnar, Agneta, Kim, Nina and then Olle’s mom, Eva ‘s sister, Krislina and her partner, Gunnar aka Gun-san and her daughter, Theres and her bf Johan. Olle’s sister Stina was there as well. Everyone was really warm, and friendly and a little zany too =) Totally made me feel very welcome. Had a bit of bubbly and then chatted some with Bengst and Gun-san. Very friendly people.. What a shock it must have been for Olle when he met my parents.. They are the opposite of his parents.. =)

Oh.. sidenote.. there was a shitload of mosquitoes. I think I killed maybe around 30 and that is no exaggeration. Everyone else killed their fair share.
Then evening came and dinner was served. First up, there was some very very delicious mushroom soup. And then there was baked bread stuffed with olives, garlic and butter.. Delicious. And up next were the pies, mince moose-meat pie and broccoli and cheese pie..

And then the main course, CRAYFISH!! I neglected to mention that it was a crayfish party. Basically you eat the crayfish, sing songs about being naked, drinking, being drunk, eating crayfish and then you take a swig of the scnaps which is 43% percent alco at the end of each song. There were 10 songs in total. Yours truly only had 2 shot glasses of the scnaps. Can you say kerosene?

The equation goes as such Crayfish party = scnaps + singing + crayfish = fun
However if you throw another variable into the equation, it becomes..
Crayfish party = scnaps + singing + crayfish + crazy Swedes = crazy fun

I enjoyed myself thoroughly, though towards the end I was totally suffering from my jetlag.. I fell asleep playing the ‘Brainslap’ game. They’d wake me up when it’s my turn and then I’d promptly fall asleep again. Lol. Finally called it a night. I ended up sleeping in the guesthouse by the sea. Nice, chilly and totally comfy. I woke up early the next morning before everyone was awake.. wandered around a bit. Took some pictures and then sat in the living room for a while. I think I woke Stina up who was sleeping there. I just sat and waited till there were more signs of life.

Actually after dinner, I went out to take a leak and was captivated by the night scenery.

Breakfast was yet another simple affair, something in contrast with the abundance of the night before. Left soon after and took a group photo at my insistence. =) Theres and Johan were still sleeping up until the time that we were gonna leave. Heh. So they woke them up for the photo.

Went back to the city and then walked around a bit more. Went to the modern museum. It is actually about modern art. Some of the pieces were interesting, the others were just too weird. Had a nice lunch at the restaurant in the museum. Went back to the apartment after that and just stoned a bit cos it has been rather tiring over the past few days. Decided to write the next batch of postcards. Sent one to Alicia as well.. so far the buying and sending of postcards has cost me somewhere in the region of 20 Euros.. not cheap at all damnit…. =)

And I am supposed to send one as well from UK.. sigh.. oh YC, could u sms me your address? I think I owe u at least one postcard. =) In fact, if anyone wants a postcard from the UK, sms me soon. Went out for some moose steak but that wasn’t too good. Went home to rest then cos we had to wake up at 4am to go to the airport and me catch a flight back to Germany.

Woke up a tad late and then olle went the wrong way.. meh..

Finally got to the airport with an hour to spare. Got to Mainz without any further ado (plane n subsequent bus ride).

P.S. I hate sparkling mineral water

the post is a little shitty at the moment, will fix up the links and all that when I have more time.

links to pictures included
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User: ulwen
Date: 2006-09-12 23:07 (UTC)
Subject: Next time you come
Mom promised to make you a moose steak you will not forget.

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User: dcsjin
Date: 2006-09-13 05:30 (UTC)
Subject: Re: Next time you come
wicked.. now if one of u or cousins could come join me in london, that'd be even better..
hahaha =P
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