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Weekend updates.. probably the last one in a while.. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2006-09-07 01:17
Subject: Weekend updates.. probably the last one in a while..
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I saw My Super Ex-Girlfriend on wednesday with V and her colleagues..

oh my god
what a super waste of time (pardon the pun)
it was a shitty/stupid/lame show..
ugh.. that and I sort of switched off during dinner so maybe that made my impression of the movie all the more worse.

So my Merdeka day was a quiet one.. lunch, cleaning up my fish tank.. (gardening),
OH met Michelle.. I haven't seen that girl in a yr plus..
heh.. it was nice catching up with her again.. It's nice that you have ppl whom u can just resume where u left off.. (I think I said it before)
said goodbyes..
Then had mini movie marathon
xxx 2 & monster-in-law with V
it was nice..

Friday was a bit hazy...
oh wait.. not to hazy after all.. I had a wedding dinner to attend on behalf of the company. I skipped out after the 6th dish.. boring event and uninspired food.
Met YC and her friends at kopitiam after that. Stayed a while, offended .. one of them with my insensitive remark.. I'm too blunt for my own good.
Then met up with a bunch of ppl at err.. that place in bangsar..
I had yet another few drinks by myself before they arrived. Pat brought a friend, Evelyn..
she has a blog
fuzz angel something at xanga.. she's one of those cam-whores =P

Saturday was a nice dinner for 2 at Prime Restaurant @ Le Meridien.. food was good.. service was good.. company was excellent/ravishing. Happy Be-Earlied bday V.. (I mangle england in the name of usefulness!!)
Dropped her home then joined a big bunch of them at Cynna over at Heritage Row.. Jo-Lyn ( who passed her exam ), Shao-Lyn, JQ, JJ & friend, Sook Yee, Nicole, Lai Lyn, Chen Hoe, Kenneth, Pat, Floyd.. I think that's the last of them..
I wasn't feeling too hot after a few drinks.. truth be told.. stupid mixers..

*pours one quarter whisky*
*add one quarter coke*

"heyyyy, so little!!" Evelyn

*pours another 1/3 whisky..


she was down for the count.. Floyd was.. more unbalanced than usual.. yours truly just had a headache..
went home and still had to hang the clothes to dry.. meh..

passed out soon after

Sunday was just a lazy day.. didn't do much
tennis, hair cut & dye, spaghetti lunch, Pork noodle brunch, nasi lemak brekkie
lots of food..
dinner was.. with YC in the end. She was being grumpy... CH was living up to his MSN nick..

and then.. that concluded my night

Monday night.. met Yim and KW for my free meal.. mwahaha =) happiness.. free food is always good
Didn't have free food on Tuesday due to some miscommunication... But I did run around.. met Tammie for a while to pass her the MnA then YC for some Thursday replacement session
and then V for late night drinks

it's official
I'm a graduate..
finally.. =P

Met a lot of ppl.. whom i didn't expect to see truth be told. Pictures will be up after I come back due to lackness of time.
Jacky came back and didn't call me.. bugger..
anyway then had dinner with Mindy and Veri? and then saw Actorlympics with Mindy n Chen Hoe

laughed my head off.. until tears rolled out..
it was that good.. =)

I'll be in the air in approximately 3 + hours time.. so
Don't miss me so much..
buhbye people..
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User: (Anonymous)
Date: 2006-09-09 08:28 (UTC)
Subject: where are you goin'?
it's been awhile, the last i left a message was last month...i could have been missing you. :) - charlene.
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User: dcsjin
Date: 2006-09-11 07:14 (UTC)
Subject: Re: where are you goin'?
heeyy.. =)

I'm currently in hahn in germany. just came back from sweden where i spent the weekend with my friend olle and his family at their summer house. I've got pics and all that so when I get back there will be about 3-4 posts to break up my trip otherwise ppl will doze off within the first para

i'm attending the automekanika exhibition in frankfurt =)
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