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not so quick and not so brief.. the full monty! as usual.. long post so no need to bother reading - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2006-08-14 01:04
Subject: not so quick and not so brief.. the full monty! as usual.. long post so no need to bother reading
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I am feelinghappyhappy
Let's see.. weekend

starting.. thursday
Tech support after chinese class, and short Starbucks session with YC.. had a case of the munchies so had a whole panini with chicken and mushroom.. sinful.. and heavy so late at night.. sigh
tech support was seriously easy.. just plugged the cable to the other video port.. lol
and kau tim.. I'm a bloody genius.. mwahahaha =) sorry.. can't help it, i do self-promos when i'm in a good mood

so on friday, Alicia had a bbq party at her house for her 19th bday.. BBQ party.. bacon, various types of fried noodles, 2 different types of curry; malaysian and taiwanese. Grilled lamb cutlets.. yumyumyum, a bit shy Alicia's dad took the whole plate of lamb cutlet to where I was sitting.. I think no one else was eating already but me but STILL..
A pity I was late cos I got stuck in the jam for a while, then at home for a while, then at the doc for yet another while.. (I always have reasons for being late.. baaadd.. ) oh.. lots of 19yo eye candy too.. hmm.. yeah.. =D

"Hi, my name is Tardy Chiam... " (That'll be how I introduce myself in future) =P

On Sat it was Joa's bday dinner at La Suisse in Bukit Damansara..
I met 2 interesting people, one was this guy called Mun Hon(if i have your name wrong, please no murderous thoughts) and this girl called Verena. So it turns out, the MH guy is a colleague of YW, hah! And V used to be the Monash Business Club's president when I went along for the trip to Genting. So I actually met her before during that trip. I thought she looked familiar.. but I couldn't place her until she and CH got to talking about alumni dinners/where she used to go..

"so were you in the MBC?"
slight pause "yes?"
"what was your post?"
another pause "err, president?"
"ah hah! I knew it..

=P She even remembered that I was there with a gf, me thinks her memory is better than mine.. cos for me to remember her is slightly easier.. she was the president (I was a nobody), my then-friend, Shauki, had a thing for her.. that's about the extent of how much I knew about her.. anyhow, she's real friendly type, in fact, she is probably joining us for Broken Bridges this coming Sunday. Another mentioned musical, Puteri Gunung Ledang, was already sold out by Sunday so that was a non-starter.

As for the food, I had a fried cheese of sorts.. delicious.. =D and utterly sinful and I also had the lamb shank.. Me, CH, Pat all had the lamb shank. It's GOOD! =) while the fish there was allegedly a little bland. We gave Joa a Snoopy collectible thing.. She said she liked it.. but I don't know if she's being diplomatic about it.. hahaha. The original idea of a domain name was shot down cos she said her bf was gonna get it for her anyway.. Oh he bought us dinner as well.. Thanks P =)

We went to the Attic after that. It was a small, nice, mildly pretentious place to chill out.. They had these awesome chairs there.. Pat can attest to that.. or maybe he doesn't agree.. I know Rashpal? agreed with me on that account.. awesome chairs.. heh =D
I had a Caipriohska.. (I think that's how it's spelt) and it was vodka, lime wedges, sugar..
It didn't occur to me UNTIL after I drank it..
It's basically, limau ais with vodka.. -_-"
Went home after that... good dinner/after dinner outing.

On Sun
Lunch got ffk by juliette (replaced by tuesday night dinner), she conveniently forgot.. =P but no matter, tonight I'll bleed her dry... mwahaha
She'll be going to Sg to work soon.. everyone's leaving.. sigh
So in the end, Wei Ing called for lunch and I readily agreed.
Had a nice lunch. Smoked salmon spaghetti over at Bayu Timor in Taman Megah is good though the portion is a bit small. The oxtail soup was good too though having it in a claypot made the drinking of it somewhat tricky.

After that, I caught "Two of us" at BSC, with Joa, CH, LL, Mindy & Aries, KH, Pat. The level of performance was good. Much better than Flagrante Delicto (aka daylight robbery). The 2nd short play in particular entitled Chinamen was especially enjoyable with a strong performance by Joanna Bessey & Rashid Salleh as they portrayed 5 characters between the 2 of them.
After that, a quick drink at Austin Chase before headed over to Pat's place for tennis.. Me and KH waited for over 20 minutes for Pat to show up.. dunno what he was doing.. I think I have a concentration problem and also reaction issue.. My mind wanders all over the place while I was playing and there's like a split second between when I choose to attack the ball or wait for the ball to come to me and that makes me hesitate and then think about my shot which then proceeds to attempt to achieve a geostationary orbit.. sigh
Was tired after my workout.. been a while since I did any sports... so it was good.

Dinner was with Tammie. Good gosh! Sevenatenine wasn't open. It's like fated that we won't eat there.. bleh. So after much deliberation, ate at Aoyama instead, it's official.. me and jap food don't go well together. The first dish was "kaki tofu". I didn't know what it was.. the first bite was "wow.. delicious.. next bite was .. WTH??? it had some sort of shellfish inside.. I got sick after that.. Didn't enjoy dinner at all. After that, went to mamak and washed it out with some teh o ais limau.. but before that was seriously feeling sick.. ugh..

After that, went home and that was it.. my weekend
Jam packed as usual.. just the way I like it. Makes me feel like I didn't waste it away.. =)

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