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More updating... a little rehash, play dissection - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2006-08-07 17:02
Subject: More updating... a little rehash, play dissection
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I am feelingcrankycranky
So.. in a weekend of .. excess, Friday night went to catch Endgame with Sue and Jo-Lyn. Had my dinner at the cafe there. The girls slightly conned me into ordering the thing i had because I didn't even finish that.. ugh..
and that was topped with me being checked out by guys.. totally made my day.. *sarcasm*

The play was uncompromising in its monologue march to portray the despair, bitterness and hopelessness of their situation. There were 4 characters, 5 lightbulbs, 2 barrels, a chair with wheels, a ladder, 2 windows, toy dog and a hook pole. Very minimalist, almost surreal.

The play starts with a single lightbulb lighting up and the rest gradually lit up. And you'll see Clov (the servant) wandering about inspecting everything and cackling at his own private joke. He looks out the window, climbing the ladder to do so.. and there's a slight comic relief as he forgets to bring the ladder along to the 2nd window to look out that window. You'd think that this is a damn comedy cos there was this lady sitting on our row who kept giggling REALLY loudly at every single action most of which wasn't funny but rather bleak and depressing.

So they go on, with Clov supposedly unable to sit and walking around with a hobble and ermm.. Hamm (the master) unable to stand and the other 2 characters Nell and Nagg (mother and father of Hamm) legless for reasons not made known, there was precious little movement or action to be had. What was there were wordplays, rapid fire exchanges, outbursts, and exclamations. This was how the story was to be told, with words and not action, this made concentrating all the more crucial in case a word was missed.

So basically, this was set in a post-apocalyptic world where these 4 are the only ones remaining. One recurring theme was that they just want it all to end but they are unable to do it. Instead they live out each day the same as they had before.. sort of like that movie groundhog day where the same day kept repeating itself. This was because essentially, they were confined to the house whether by choice or circumstance and outside everything is dead, no winds stir, waves are non-existent. You get the drift.. So they stay inside, Clov spends it by staring at the wall in his kitchen, Hamm interrupts him by calling him with his whistle and demands for his painkillers ever so often. The relationship between the 2 totters between hate, caring and grudging tolerance.

And now i'm lazy to dissect it any further.. suffice to say, this is not something that I usually watch and I'm still wondering about it.. It gives u a lot to think about and doesn't offer any apologies for being difficult to understand.

"If you can understand this (the play), bravo to you, if you can't, too bad." SooJ

After that was atrium.. food, free drink courtesy of Rach, mamak .. all in all, 100bucks for my night.. minimal drinking.. sigh
Saturday, Gohtong Jaya, only 35 each which included prawns, frogs, pork!, and veges.. delicious.. yum.. Don't take my word for it, they concur too.. =)
Sat at Coffebean Starbucks in Genting and had drinks while just chilling.. it's been a long time since I did that.. used to go often like weekly thing but now.. *shrug*
spending some time at the arcade in Genting.. reliving my childhood.. lol.. House of the Dead 4 is very adrenaline-rush type of game. wow.. =) big complaint would be that most of the card readers there didn't seem to work.. bleagh
Went back to Hartamas for some late night unhealthy snacking.. the 'mat motor' were at it again. I think eventually, those guys would drive a substantial portion of the clientele away leaving Hartamas a ghostly town.

*edit* one food pic can be found here

Sunday, woke up really late and had lunch with YC at Bayu Timor, food was generally okay.. not too expensive, I think I paid for lunch.. *dented*
dinner was ok only and it wasn't cheap either.. Then sat in Coffeebean in 1U where YC and SYee was doing a spot of Soo Jin bashing for all the 'alleged' mean things that i've said to them.

SYee had a funny story to relate. It was about this time when she was at an unnamed club and there was a fight. One of the girl's fiance guided the girls to the corner then dove into the melee to retrieve the bags and then stood in front of the girls to.. well.. shield them.. chivalry is still alive i guess somewhere.. sometimes.. and THEN another bf of one of the girls was busy saving the 2 bottles that were open.. In fact, he got so caught up with saving the alcohol that he totally forgot about his gf, and while he was standing at the corner holding the 2 bottles in his hand,
the rest asked him,"So where's xxxx?"
He looked around in horror and couldn't find her but she was already walking over. "see la this bf, other ppl's fiance does that, mine is more concerned with the alcohol!"
Guilty bf whined,"But these are expensive!!"

*astounded looks all round*
*cue peals of laughter*

All in all, my weekend cost me about RM300.. *faints* and this is only the first week of the month!! Oh that plus some gift purchases also.. gotta rein it in.. meh.. And I still have at least another play and a musical to catch.. *groan*
I need some alternative sources of income.. 1 more month till I fly.. woohoo =) if you've seen me recently, i'd probably have bored u with me telling u over and over that i'm going to europe.. sorry =) but really quite excited about it.. haven't had a solid holiday in a while..

peace peeps
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