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Standard week recaps - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2006-07-25 01:33
Subject: Standard week recaps
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hmm.. I can't remember what i did last week already..

But i think I turned the corner in my emo-ness..
It's not like the reason for it has gone.. it's just that.. i've wallowed enough and it's time to go back to the usual annoying self.. =)
Oh oh... I finally told my dad my results.. haha. he offered to pay me back for the tuition fees that I paid.. sweet.. Now I can pay back my mom for the car insurance in one lump sum

joy.. money in, money out..

I know I saw YC on wednesday... she was outstation for the entire week.. only came back for one night before going elsewhere again..
so Coffee again.. chat chat..
it's nice to have someone to chat to.. =) about things which are common to the both of us..

On another note, I've begun removing ppl from my MSN list..
probably might start on my friendster also..
I don't see the point of.. having ppl who won't respond to a simple hi msg..
if they can be arsed to be on, update, then there shouldn't be any problem dropping a msg..
How busy your life is, is how busy you allow yourself to be.. if you lose site of what's truly important.. or if a busy life is your goal, then.. by all means..
knock urself out.. I ain't gonna be part of it in any case.. and I sure as hell won't be missed..
so.. buhbye

*end rant*

Thursday night I think after chinese, had a yumcha at spicy kitchen.. then went home
Friday night stayed home mostly cos standard crowd were otherwise occupied so in the end yumcha with cousin real late..

Saturday was dinner at Marche's
only thing memorable about the dining was the sheer number of ppl waiting outside
AND the style which they did it..
Pictures for the dinner can be found here
though if you're gonna charge 26 bucks for a rib-eye, do I still need to go take it from the grill myself? I'll talk more about Marche later along with pictures
So.. food ranged from bland to decent..
Prices were fairly indecent for the most parts.. I think dessert was better than the mains.. sigh.. forgettable dinner..

I went to Sheraton Subang after that to.. show some support to Eva who was on her one-time come back show... =)
I must admit I was surprised that she could sing.. she has some voice..
I left after one set.. was really really tired.. so I called it a night..

I was so damn tired that I slept at 12+ on a Saturday night.. something unheard of typically..
so what happened was I woke up at 8 am.. *groan*
went back to bed and had a headache when I woke up.. bleagh..
Lunch I had with YW at Asia Cafe.. overpriced..
chillled out with him for a 2nd sunday..
must be a record somewhere.. =)

Played tennis after that with Pat.. Vickram was just leaving.. Didn't manage to get the 4th person.. oh well
short drink.. then Dinner at my favourite steamboat restaurant.. Hong La Qiao.. *numbingly hot & spicy goodness*
had futsal after that.. mm... some shortass dickhead kicked my feet when i had the ball trapped between my legs.. I didn't even move.. I was just holding the ball there and he just took a mighty swing at it.. and i was diagonal to him so he doesn't see the whole ball .. instead he'd be looking at my left foot first and he still kicked it anyway..
It took a fair bit of willpower not to kick his fucking ass.. it's not the first time.. I think it started when he ran into me one time.. you know.. if you're smaller sized and u run headlong into someone, you're bound to bounce off and fall down. after that.. legs, shins were fair game.. i'm gonna start going into challenges with him with my elbows raised to shoulder level.. him being the short fart that he is.. i should hit him in the head..

okay.. end of stupid ideas..

So I saw Pirates last night..
I don't know what's wrong with ppl but I found it funny.. and entertaining
lots and lots of one-liners.. although there were some plot inconsistencies..
it was a fun movie so i don't know what those ppl are complaining about. Sometimes I feel that people lose sight of what type of movie it actually is and then complain that it's bad or boring or etc..

and that's the end..
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User: (Anonymous)
Date: 2006-07-24 22:38 (UTC)
Subject: so true
I've removed those people from my MSN List in which it seems totally insignificant. Like you said, people just doncha know a simple hi..i totally hear what you are saying..I agreed with you. But, cheerio a bit, keep meeting new friends. - charlene.
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User: dcsjin
Date: 2006-07-25 00:55 (UTC)
Subject: Re: so true
the meeting of new friends have slowed down somewhat.. maybe i need to latch on to another group.. *grin*

we'll see..
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