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Monsters galore! - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2006-07-17 21:03
Subject: Monsters galore!
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I am feelingawedawed
Omigod.. as I was looking at Joa's website..
She mentioned about this Monsterblog thing.. Didn't go there but I went to the bloggers listed

I've now added 2 to my to-read list Suanie Elaine.. and
Okay.. why am i plugging other ppl's journal? hmm.. *shrug* But.. they are pretty funny..

I just have to friggin share this

Mitsubishi Concept X

Say it with me..

Those of you who actually knows me knows that I'm not a guy who's into cars.. As long as it runs as fast as I want it to, and it won't break down while i'm attempting to do whatever stupid stunt that I've thought of at that time; I'm happy..

But this..
it's so sweet..
I originally wanted to get an RX8 next year.. just because it's a bitch to maintain and it's not THAT common and still somewhat.. ermm.. dare I say it? Affordable..
but.. now..
Come to poppa sweet thing..
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