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So I'm emo.. is that bad? - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2006-07-12 09:43
Subject: So I'm emo.. is that bad?
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I am feelingdrowning
Listening toTank - Du Chang Qing Ge ft. Selina of S.H.E
I had so much I wanted to write last night (but was lazy) and now I find that I have nothing left to write.. because I've forgotten it all..
Such is the curse of being me..



Finally remembered what I did friday night.. I played tennis with Pat, Vick and Anush.. but played is a very loose way to describe the way I did.. hahaha. But I did ace Anush twice... *grin* while totally mis-hitting the ball to the other side of the court. Showered there then had dinner with Pat, JJ, Chen Hoe. Did the deed at Secret Recipe over at Mont Kiara.. company was good.. After that we (minus pat) did the geek thing and played Dota.. we rocked man.. haha.. good ending to the shitty accident day

oh I have yet to do the accident recap..
here it goes
First there's me on the right lane in very heavy traffic going say.. 10 kph? or less.. probably less since I was bleeding stationary. So I decided to switch lanes to the left and switching the signal on, checking side mirror.. move and then guess what.. This motorcycle comes hurtling along and hits me.. and goes flying literally.. I think he flew for a good 6-7 meters before hitting another stationary car. And he admitted seeing my signal but claimed I turned too soon after I signalled so he couldn't stop..

so.. Police report and everything followed.. I was supposed to be on my way back from PJ that day to collect some goods and also the season passes for Auto Mekanika Frankfurt. Oh yeah, that followed a period of eyes NOT twitching!! *note* It's twitching now.. sigh
The damage to my car can be said is minor.. It's just that the replacement cost is hefty.. pretty broke for the month but hey who cares right? =)

Last week recap.. Don't recall anything significant. There was no organised dinner on saturday so I had dinner with my parents at Rakuzen in Plaza Damas. After that I was feeling more than a little anti-social but .. Sook Yee called and then Chen Hoe called too.. or was it an sms? anyway.. We ended up at Alvin's but I was still in a funk so I sat in the corner and sulked.. lol
Even took a nap on the couch but it was for only like 10-15 minutes. Lots of ppl were there. Gan, Kwong Hing, Pat, Kenny, the 2 earlier mentioned, Alvin (house owner), Nick and Diana came later after work. So shits and giggles, bit of mamak nearby then we went home..

Sunday was an eventful day..
Lunch with Wee Sern and Wee Keng and my family.. It's been a while since I last saw them.. Last saw them early last year... =) we went to Naili's... not sure where the post is.. anyway, lunch with them then I went off for tennis with Pat and Vickram.. Pat took it upon himself to coach me to regain my .. touch.. I'm damn rusty and he said this "cos right now, you are no fun to play with"
After that.. some drinks, aiyah forgot to let him pick the books when he came over.. Had dinner with him and Boon at some indo place in Hartamas. Food wasn' t too bad but there was a heck a lot of tripe.. damnit and I don't eat tripe..
went for futsal after that.. I don't know.. there are times I feel that i'm doing better than I actually am.. This would fall under that category... nevermind I can't charge up and down the pitch.. nevermind I just amble along when I should be sprinting back..
I'm just tubby.. like Ronaldo.. lol
After that, home it was.

Work on both Monday and Tuesday was mad.. cos 2 guys are outstation (one came back today) so we were understaffed and phones were going off the hook. but I think I did good too.. haha. talk about self-delusional
So I've been talking to SY, or rather I've been talking and she's going monosyllable cos she's hard at work.. and yeah.. still has the cheeky, mildly mocking tone.. sigh. something seriously wrong with me these days.. memories from everywhere are bombarding me.. threatening to drown me under the sheer weight of nostalgia and regret.. *dies*
Been talking to YK also.. just wanna 'cekik' that girl seriously.. but even though it's been so long since we talked, we just picked up where we left off.. it's nice..

I can just see her eyes now and I just wanna float in that warm feeling that I get when I look into her eyes.
I need chocolate therapy!!!

"I am single by choice" -> Me
"But who's choice is it?" -> Pat

"I think you need to be around unsympathetic ppl more so that we can mock your emo-ness" -> Jo-Lyn
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User: (Anonymous)
Date: 2006-07-12 17:24 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
aiya....why quote me?? now everyone will think i'm a meanie... :(
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User: dcsjin
Date: 2006-07-13 00:37 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
aiyah.. it's true what.. =P
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