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My weird weird reaction.. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-04-27 00:45
Subject: My weird weird reaction..
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I am feelingblues
Listening tosome annoying upbeat chinese song..
okay.. here's what happened. Kelvin, the one I play badminton with was going on a fishing trip to which I was invited but had to turn down because I couldn't take leave. Anyway he didn't tell me that he was leaving earlier than planned because the rest of the ppl going said so.. so he wasn't giong for badminton and then the other friend who came to pick me up the last time wasn't going either.. so i didn't know and i was just waiting like an idiot for the ride.. =) so.. in the end I drove there myself and picked up this guy called Kit who is one of Kelvin's friend as well.. he's a photographer.. and he seems to be doing well.. =)
anyway played badminton right... a lot of ppl i've never seen before showed up today.. more of their high school friends.. i totally sucked today.. Couldn't get into the rhythm of things.. sigh..
Kelvin Yuen is such a girl man.. gah.. called him to come up and yumcha.. dun wan.. not like he has anything to do anyway.. hmph
Went to Murni.. Finally made their acquaintance.. =) a lot of names to remember. Heck I've forgotten all of it already. haih
there was another guy who came. I think he's pretty old.. One of Kit's friends.. seemed a friendly enough chap.. Then I saw Yat Woh and Lai Lyn.
Apparently there's gonna be a bevy of girls vying for selection for some motor event... and Kit has passes to go to them.. being a photographer and all.. WooHOOO!! =) not going for the tomorrow and day after ones.. going next week most probably to the one at Modesto's ( a club ) yay.. lol =) see chicky things..
Then it started to drizzle.. and then I saw her.. Su Yin was with.. 3 of her friends , one of them being a guy that I've met a few times but can't place the name right now.. I saw him first.. then I saw her and I'm pretty sure she saw me cos our gaze met.. She looked quite shocked.. and quite inexplicably, I turned away.. back to my food.. actually I was concentrating quite hard on my food until she passed.... I have no idea why I did what I did.. I think I'm just going nuts.. Like Olle said, I could have waved or even said hi.. haih.. something wrong with me..
Still pondering about what I did on the way back.. haven't quite figured out my reaction yet.. any thoughts ppl?
anyway.. it's getting late
and I'm off to bed..
must not dwell.. what's done is done!!
ciao ciao.. =)
Jag �lskar fr�ken Kong
keeping my nick here for posterity.. changing it now.. =)
oh btw.. homepage add is now http://soojc.tripod.com
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