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Wednesday night.. I went out with Kelvin to play snooker.. then… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-04-26 20:10
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I am feelingbumbling beeee
Listening tosome chinese song from this new cd my sis got
Wednesday night.. I went out with Kelvin to play snooker.. then picked Chin Siang up from his gf's place and we went to eat sago "lolo" then played snooker too.. lol.. need to find something else to do.. =) Then they play this stupid machine with the poker betting.. No prize for guessing how they did..
after that we went to KL to eat beef noodles... still as good as I remember it.. mm... that was pretty much the whole night.. bleh
Came back.. MU vs Bayer Levekusen!! watched a bit then fell asleep.. hehe
next morning.. I for some reason decided to get out of bed at 10+ am... even though I slept at like 5 the night before and there was no reason whatsoever to wake up early cos it's a public holiday ( read agong's inauguration ) then went to Genting to eat!!! yumyum.. supposed to play mahjong after that but that didn't happen... so came back and just sat around.. I think I went online.. not too sure.. but that's the gist of the whole day. At night we went to my 3rd uncle's for dinner and saw my grannie =) and my 2 little cousins.. played with them a little.. doing basically absolutely nothing.. came back
went to see kelvin cos bored and feeling.. actually not really.. i just had to go somewhere cos my mom would not let me out at 10+... =) so sat at his place, watched this pretty interesting chinese series called chess warrior ( recorded from tv )
Went to pick HK and BS up.. but they decided to drive instead.. gah.. went to sort of .. celebrate Jimmy Lim's bday.. another fella who's 22 already.. =) haven't seen him and Jenn Nee in like 3-4 years.. so it was nice to see them again.. there was the inevitable jokes about my size and how to get that way.. sigh
it's NOT funny..
got home at 12.. guess what.. I can't drive the car out at night.. =) That pretty much strengthened the resolve to buy a motorcycle and drive it.. =) they don't like it TOO BAD.. today.. busy busy day cos of the public holiday so it was like a double business day.. i was in the lorry for most of the time going around..
Nothing particularly interesting happened.. except I squashed my pinkie finger and dropped the truck's metal mudguard.. ouch.. it doesn't hurt anymore now but my pinkie still hurts.. sigh.. luckily it's left hand otherwise i wouldn't be able to play badminton tonight.. which reminds me.. my ride for badminton should be here soon
toodles! =)

joo bee .. sorry but I've never been a person who writes really long mails.. should know that by now
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