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De Chiengmai @ Sungai Buloh (01/07/06) - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2006-07-04 01:54
Subject: De Chiengmai @ Sungai Buloh (01/07/06)
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Tags:dinners, saturday, thai
So the pictures are up..

Tomyum seafood soup Tomyum seafood soup

Look at all those red red stuff..
Looking at it makes me hungry... nooooo.... must stick to diet!!!

review will be up later when I have had my requisite 5 hours of daily sleep..

feeling a tad lazy.. =)

But the show must go on..

So on saturday, I played the driver.. as per usual. I picked Kathleen up along with 2 of her friends, Limor and Jasmine (If i get the spelling wrong, please don't kill me). Then I got Pat to come over to TTDI so that we can go straight towards Sungai Buloh. So Vickram didn't show so in the end it was me, Pat, Kenneth, and the 3 girls. There was a mad ass jam headed towards Sungai Buloh BUT upon reaching that part of the road, turns out everyone was stuck there because they wanted to make a u-turn.......

So onwards towards Sungai Buloh and after the twisty and curvy road, not to mention dark also.. I was discussing the merits of Mischa Barton being dumped from The O.C. when I became fixated with the car right in front of me which was NOT the car that I was supposed to follow (Ken's Kembara). Words that were uttered included.. "Omigod.. fuck why are they going this way? wait that's not his car!! oh no!!!" As I attempted to make my way back to the road (I went up a ramp at this point), they called.. hahaha. That pretty much set the tone for the night..
So about a minute later, we were back on track and headed towards Sungai Buloh. Upon seeing the store, we took the ramp to the right when we were supposed to make a U turn and take some ramp elsewhere.. I tell you the directions were not sufficiently clear enough..

We explored Sungai Buloh for the better part of 1 and a half hours. During which, curses and exclamations were heard.. mostly from me.. hahaha
We made at least 4-5 3 point turns and stopped another 5-6 times as we debated the road to take. We were gonna settle for another place somewhere anywhere but somehow, everyone was in agreement to try since there isn't that much place left in sungai buloh to explore.. little did we know...

Industrial area, kampung (village) area, then back to industrial areas, really dark areas.. what a way to be introduced to the saturday night dinner group for Kathleen n friends.. =) We finally hit some luck.. after asking a security guard someplace, he claimed that the owner was his friend.. we didn't exactly get his instructions correctly so we ended up in the middle of some industrial area again.. Then we went to the nearby hawker centre and they asked for directions and we took another 2 more u-turns
we tried another route.. last and final.. after some dark roads.. as can be seen in one of the pictures, we saw our salvation..
De Chiengmai..
we scrambled in.. and that place closes at 10.30 pm. We got there at 9.50pm
orders were placed while I went to take some pictures of the surroundings. Food came within 5 minutes..

Chicken Kerabu - didn't try
Seafood Tomyum soup - decent
Chilli Garlic prawns - delicious
Pandan Chicken - excellent
Green Curry Chicken - forgettable..
Fish - Don't know the name but it was tasty.. =)
Dessert - Forgettable

I think because of the lateness of the hour, the chefs were a little sloppy with the cooking.. everything was wham bam thank you mam type.
After that we left pretty quickly and it was much much easier to get out. And we found the road that we were supposed to take to get there.. If you ever need instructions, I'll be glad to show u the way... only if u buy me dinner.. *grin*

Awesome/frustrating road trip
Decent fare
Excellent company (Pat and Ken were in top form, I think they only reserve it for strangers) Not forgetting the girls of course..

Cheers peeps
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