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Missing days - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2006-07-03 12:51
Subject: Missing days
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I am feelinggoodgood
Don't remember anything leading up to Thursday

Chinese class was on Thursday and then met cousin for a drink. He was under the assumption that I was meeting some friends for drinks and then he just joins.. little did he know how wrong he was.. My cousins and some friends are constantly under the impression that I know many chicks and that is an untrue statement which hurts my chances of meeting other ppl as they won't introduce me to any... misguided fear I assure you.
So his friend called, and said wanna meet some chicks? hey.. what would 2 guys sitting at a mamak do? of course say yes la..

What happened after though was just .. kill-joy.. I have no beef with them but they remind me of things I'd rather not be reminded of.
So bad-ish night after that..

Friday night,
coffee and then FOOTBALL!!! Germany vs Argentina. I thought it was a pretty good game.. End to end stuff.. attacking with verve and enthusiasm
Then went home around 3+ after late night bestari

good good day
work was pleasantly active and fulfilling (what a way to describe work.. lol)
dinner at De' Chiengmai was decent.. but my god what a trip there.. The food review will be in a separate post.
After dinner was at a mamak @ TTDI watching england portugal.. man.. disappointing. England was true to the form that I predicted.
Negative, tentative. Pfft.. The hallmarks of Sven Goran Eriksson's England

Sunday was mainly with family. Lunch at The Curve @ Ying Ker Restaurant. Chinese Hakka food. Portions were measly, price was in the mildly indecent range. After that drove around for a few hours looking at houses for design ideas. Then came back for a while to rest. Tennis with Pat and Vickram.. I think I can find another person to make it 4 person.. better than an odd number of 3.

Quick refreshment at a nearby convenience store then it was rush home for shower and bowling with Yeok Cheng, Chen Hoe, and Alvin (Kwong Ying, I think) First game was outright, clear winner.. 2nd one I went down the other end. 2nd from last thanks to Flloyd as the wooden spoon.. hahaha but yeah nearly was the last. Partly because I couldn't get my finger out of the ball. Hole was a little small.. You could hear popping sounds. And the blisters from tennis started to hurt bad.
Short mamak session followed and then went home. T'was late already..

So it's with this I bid thee adieu.. for today anyway


"I have a way with words.. They go missing"
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