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Reminiscing - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2006-06-22 23:17
Subject: Reminiscing
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I am feelingnostalgicnostalgic
Listening toJordan Hill - Too Much Heaven
So I was watching the telly and I saw Love Actually
it's quite a nice show

and there was this pair of characters
Girl's married to this guy's best friend.
This guy never acknowledged her presence ever.
He loves her.. but he's trying to protect himself from any form of hope.. so he avoids having any contact with her.. *self-preservation* he called it..
Unrequited love I can relate.. =) We've all done that at least once in our life..
Struck a nerve i guess..

What to do when the object of your desire doesn't respond the way that you want them to..
I received my first ever declaration yesterday.. Not bragging or anything..
More than anything, I felt guilty? felt sorry that I couldn't feel the same way.. Many a times I have been at the other end.. pining away for someone who may or may not realise that they have such a big impact on me. Still remember.. very first crush? =)
Popular girl.. Pretty, friendly.. I hadn't had a clue what was I supposed to do..
So felt sorry for myself.. and oh yeah bought her a bday present.. very ever first time I bought anything for a girl... I can remember it like it was yesterday
It was a woven basket which I had intended to fill up with potpourri. But I didn't fill it up.. just bought the basket thing.. gave it to her.. and that was that..
Still remember her bday too.. Sept 29th..
lol. We still talk. Me and her.. I asked her about the basket once a few years ago.. or more than a few years ago.. it's on the dresser holding jewellery.. The least I could do was get her something useful.. haha
for 2 years I had that crush.. and then it passed.. and that is that.

How silly crushes/love actually is.. we do stupid things we would normally cringe at doing. We laugh at people when they do the same.. but deep down inside, we'll probably do the same ourself.

".. and I say this without hope or intent, (because during christmas, you don't lie), you are the perfect one for me." character from Love Actually.. the guy who's in love with best friend's wife..
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