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Oh the stupid things that I do... - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2006-06-22 09:46
Subject: Oh the stupid things that I do...
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I am feelingapatheticapathetic
Listening toJustin - Hard Life
First off, contrast these 2 sentences

"omigod, it worked!!"


"OH MY GOD, it worked?!!?"

2 almost similar sentence but used in very different context..
That's what I went through last night after clicking on the YES CONFIRM button..

at first I was just testing out the purchase online feature for GSC.. because it failed the previous time..
and it did fail when I used VISA, so I tried the MASTER and it worked.. at this point I was intent on getting through rather than actually focusing on what I was about to do.. which was buy movie tickets for a movie that I didn't really plan to watch.......

Sigh.. so the 2 tickets for "We are family" just went to waste.. luckily they were only 15 bucks


in other news,
I went to get the CD for Heroes V changed and it seemed that all the CDs had the same problem.. yay
SO.. took the DVD instead
stopped by Alvin's for a bit then headed home.. KNN!!!
can install, cannot play.. damn thing crashes without even letting me see the initial screen.. how disappointing is that.. shit shit shit..

Thus concludes this post..
oh.. yeah.. self-reminder.. 1st time getting that.. I know how it feels to be in the other shoe though..
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