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Dinner on the 24/06/06 - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2006-06-20 19:00
Subject: Dinner on the 24/06/06
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In case you haven't heard, dinner this week is at Sao Nam in Tengkat TungShin. Vietnamese food. An anniversary celebration of the first dinner outing held over a year ago now..

I'm just regurgitating the facts here.. =P

8.30 pm

please leave a msg if you're going or not..
For more details
refer to Pat

If it's not there yet.. it will be soon enough..
Just giving u a head's up. =)

I'm going to have viet food.. yay..

oh oh.. average per person would be about RM50.. a little pricey.. but it's good..
for everything good, you gotta pay..
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