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New Cineplex and XMen3 - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2006-06-17 10:09
Subject: New Cineplex and XMen3
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I caught X-Men 3 finally last night with Tammie and Kelvin.. Let's start with the venue. I went to the Cineleisure at The curve in Damansara Perdana.. I think the layout and everything is done pretty nicely.. but I'm not too sure about the whole multi-level thing.. didn't look very elderly, disabled friendly to me. Then the seats are nice and plush though I think the GSC one is still wider but the arm-rests at Cine was pretty nice and comfy.. Ceiling was very low though.. If i had any reason to jump, i'd definitely be hitting the ceiling.. without a doubt..
The projection on the screen was a little off.. as in a little out of focus. Not sure about the why.. maybe someone bumped the projector while they were setting the whole thing up.

On to the movie!

Dear god.. it's like a romantic drama with mutants as the backdrop..
No wonder K loved it.. This coming from a person who fell asleep during MI1&2, I should have suspected something.....
And they killed off Professor Xavier and Cyclops in the first hour of the show.. my god.. these guys are like the lynchpin of the comic.. This one is very an original production.. only the characters are used. Even for the most part, the alignments of the characters weren't correct. i.e. good and bad for the auxillary characters were just done seemingly at random. And there's none of the verve of the characters anymore.. I think that would be good acting..world-weary.. etc.. I think over-all the acting was done okay.. story-line though plausible just didn't seem to be XMen-ish.. and killing 3 of the main characters.. what the hell??

So I can't decide if it's a good movie or a bad.. probably due to my background with Xmen.. this was the most out-there one.. I'd rate it a 6 for overall.. just don't quite like the story...
Oh and the thing that we were supposed to stay for.. until the end of the credits... was the fact that Xavier somehow transferred his consciousness over to a vegetable..
imagine that.. so he didn't actually die.. I actually forgot about this part.. I remember saying.. man if it turns out to be some shit ass thing, i'd get really annoyed..

like really..

I mean it..

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