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le funnies *twitch twitch* - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2006-06-15 18:40
Subject: le funnies *twitch twitch*
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I am feelingbouncybouncy
Listening toWet Wet Wet - Somewhere Somehow

let's start off with a bit of wailing... some idiot of a motorcyclist ran into me early in the morning on the way to work yesterday.. what happened was at the right turn at the traffic lights, well i turned right and he went a little straighter. He came from my blind side and I was also paying attention to the 2 motorcyclist in front of me who were sort of driving unsteadily.. then there was a bam, then a shudder... and amazingly another bam..
He hit me twice.. Imagine that.. I can't imagine what he was thinking.. "
hey, I hit him once.. might as well work all that frustration out and hit him again.. it'll cost me the same anyway.. "
but no charges/report made so I'll have to fix it myself.. dad's suggestions.. The motorcyclist was from bangladesh though.. not that it's of any relevance..


So that set the tone for Wednesday.. My eye's been twitching madly.. seriously.. it's twitching every fucking day even though I'm getting more sleep than I was say for the past 2 months.. and still it's twitching.. if I were anywhere remotely superstitious, i'd think the world is about to end already.. with the amount of eye-twitching that's going on.. bah

It's twiching again today.. so i'm waiting to see what will befall me today..
*edit* I can't access my Yahoo Inbox.. every other 10+ folders are accessible except the inbox folder.. go figure.. gah

anyway.. back to yesterday

At the library, first I spoke a little to my classmate which i don't know the name of.. well now I do since I asked.. Jamie. She's a wee little thing who's even shorter than Tammie.. oh yeah went to the library with Tammie again.. no one else wanna go with me.. ahaha =) and then about 2 hours later, Jamie came over to ask the time.. saying phone died.. okay fine..
half an hour - 1 hour later.. she gave a rather insistent tug... while I was napping..
Guess what.. she dropped her phone into the toilet bowl.. which is different from any other toilet that you'll find.. the damn thing extends straight down for about.. 1 meter + ... but.. chivalry demands help for damsel in distress.. soo... went to the office at the 3rd floor, asked about assistance, directed to 1st floor Facilities dept, they in turn told me to go to maintenance at the other end.. at the sunway end lg floor.. gah..
brought a guy up.. he tried using a wire.. no luck.. so.. went down to appeal to the maintenance manager to see if they're willing to do some pipe surgery to get to the phone... a K750i no less.. to no avail.. =| oh well
apparently this isn't the first time i happened... she dropped a samsung in last year.. *slaps forehead* "Aiee Karumba".

Left the lib at about 6 pm.. went to pick LL and her trainee up.. and then sent Tammie home.. I was expecting a traffic jam the entire way.. and to my great surprise and amazement.. there was no such thing. I made Kepong in under 40 minutes.. this plus a 5 minute detour to pick LL up.. That was AMAZING.. so it was with this feeling of amazement that I continued on my merry little journey.. Dinner was at Dome BSC.. baaaddd.. The first time I had that dish, it was way way way better..

So I caught Up, Standing... Coming last night with a bunch of ppl.. most of whom I met for the first time.. They were all Lai Lyn's friend.. there was the German trainee Silke.., Johanna, Colin, Geng Ying, Me and Anu. Show was good, funny, irreverent, a touch of the low-brow humour.. but it's all good.. no one was spared.. politicians being a favourite.. hahaha

Went to a mamak after that, there was this interesting thing called 'Roti Canai Goreng'.. basically they take the 'roti canai', chop it up and then stir-fry it as it is done with a 'mee goreng'. It wasn't too bad at all.. The 'Roti Tissue' on the other hand was a big letdown..

Went to meet the gang at CBean after that and then came home.. I fell asleep like almost immediately.. le tired..

It just struck me.. the significance of today's date... =)
I could not have imagined my life to be the way it is now.. 7 years ago.. Thanks for the memories..

"Everyone wants to find THE ONE. In the meantime, get married first." Moggi (Up, Standing... Coming 14/06/06)
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