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my weekend - a trifle long.. don't read if you're scared of words.. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2006-06-12 09:14
Subject: my weekend - a trifle long.. don't read if you're scared of words..
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Listening toJustin - Hard Life

So that's Ben and Stella

My weekend wasn't packed.. but it was myriad..
I stayed home mainly friday night and saturday night.. and no, football wasn't exactly on the agenda. I even forgot about it before being reminded that it was happening that night. My dad asked me a few times if I was gonna watch it even.. and i was like ... ermm.. probably not no mood.. heh
I did catch 15 minutes of it though.. 'sorite..
I did go to the pet shop to stock up on some fishes.. some kinda tetra.. black in colour. contrasts very well with the gold barb.
Oh and I had my car speakers replaced.. one of it has gone already.. baddd.. set me back $200 bucks.. bah..

I have been kinda tracking down some old friends over the week.. There's WY, haven't spoken to her in maybe 2 yrs.. JAY, also didn't speak to her for about 2 yrs.. Ben & Stella for about half a year.. a case of rekindling the friendship.. but sometimes the gap's widen a bit too much until that person is a total stranger to you now like in the case of me and Barb. So much has happened in the intervening yrs and there's supposed to update the other about but strangely, an awkward silence fills what should be non-stop chatter.

I've always found WY a fascinating creature with the singing, various instruments, and now, politics added to her bow.. partner that with a warm husky voice, bubbly personality.. fascinating indeed.. =)
JAY was a case of.. fiestiness, opinionated, cute and thoughtful all in one package.. and also smashing pumpkins.. hahaha I recall the songs that she recommended that I should listen to.. songs that i otherwise would never have heard in a million years.. like aforementioned SP songs as well as a particular favourite of mine Garth Brooks as Chris Gaines - Lost in You.
Ben and Stella.. they were more so than most of friends I had known longer.. my rock during my tumultous last year.. Ben for his analytical mind.. showing me the paths and possible choices that I can make.. He's got a gift of the gab in a good way.. and he handles ppl well despite his apparent dislike of meeting new ppl.. but truly I had only really known them for a few months and they showed more care than any friends that I had known for much longer period of time. Stella for her matronly warmth.. kind disposition.. a little short when compared to what I had to say about Ben but no less important..

So on Saturday, I washed my car.. long due for a wash but a little lazy to do it.. haha.. then had dinner at Peranakan House as mentioned in previous post, and then I went home and saw the England game.. what a bloody bore.. man.. I fell asleep watching it. I actually remember doing an internal monologue going.. "take Gerrard out, put Carrick in allowing Lampard to bomb forward, and then take Crouch out and put Walcott in.. so you'll have to mobile forwards who are skilful, fast and enjoys taking on their markers.. " idiot Sven..
So after that I had an early night.. slept at close to 1am i think.

Next morning (sunday), I just didn't want to wake up even though I had the most sleep I had in ages for 2 days running.. weird.. anyway, hauled ass then went to the lib with Tammie and in between falling asleep and sort of talking, I managed to get about 2 hours of work in.. heh.. not much but I'm just taking it slowly and doing it consistently rather than attempt a world speed studying record and have nothing to show for at the end of it all. Had lunch.. oH.. was supposed to meet her friend, thus dubbed hottie.. due to a misleading photo.. hahaha.. but yeah we are not fated to meet.. a few times already supposed to meet but various combination of factors conspired to prevent me from meeting her.. she has no idea about the nicknames and all that.. it's just private joke of me and Tammie.. *grin* there's one nicknamed Heaven but that's another story all together..

So I headed off to catch FCITU again to accompany K to watch it since her dad wasn't free and yada yada.. I had missed like half an hour the last time I caught it so I thought it'd be alright to actually catch that part. I got there at 2.50pm.. slow leisurely drive.. walked around the Koi Centre and found out that there's a Japanese restaurant in there.. someplace to try maybe.. =) So K's dad got lost like 2-3 times so she actually arrived about 15-20 past 3.. So I caught about 5-10 minutes more than previously but still late nonetheless.. I had a surprise though.. it wasn't exactly good or bad.. just a surprise.. nearly her entire family went for the play too.. sort of defeated the purpose of me going with her somewhat.. Parents seemed friendly enough.. She definitely takes after her mother though.. I had the weird feeling of being under scrutiny... but I think it's just my paranoia.. comes with the height territory.. it sorta explains why I don't dance.. I'd feel like a million eyes are on me and it'll be sooooo bloody awkward even though there's probably no one looking at me.. but then you're a little hard to miss then you are half a head to a head taller than ppl around.. bah.. brother was friendly though.. and I'm not too sure but I think the sis may not have enjoyed the play as the others may have... poor thing looked like she was about to fall asleep at the end of it..
Oh yeah I made sure they sat on the left side of the stage to get the requisite eyeful but Foxtrot held the magazine very close this time.. so you couldn't exactly see anything.. and this time the crowd were a little more enthusiastic than my crowd and I think it showed in the performance of the cast. They enjoyed themselves a little more.. More strength, more depth, moreee.... emotions..

After the show, called a few ppl, no one available so.. headed straight for MidV and got my shopping done.. dad's bday on the 17th and well for the first time, got him something nice.. well I think it's nice.. hahaha.. He complains that it's heavy though.. wimp.. got him a Swatch Irony.. looks nice enough.. and will replace his old, knackered, dulled watch.. he calls it his antique.. pfft..

I then went to the arcade for an hour plus.. cos I had to wait for Ben to show up.......... so yeah.. played Time Crisis 3.. stepping on the pedal and releasing and attempting to do a rapid shot with a handgun definitely sucks.. I had trouble clenching the hands after that. So Ben and Stella (refer pic above) finally arrived and we had dinner at Madam Kwan's on Ben's expense.. hehe.. The food was as it's usual delicious standards.. The service was freaky though.. While the 'captain' was taking our orders, there was a staff waiting behind to set the table.. and the minute the 'captain' left, she started setting the table.. and it was TO our choice of food which sort of freaked us out cos we didn't expect that quick service. Me and Ben were like.. I think you're at the wrong table, we just ordered.. the waitress just smiled and continued setting the table.. I still remember seeing the waitress waiting there and joking with another waitress just before setting the table.. They were probably like eavesdropping on us ordering so that she knew what utensils we would require.. so yeah very very good service.. but there was so much to catch up on and I just didn't quite eat my food as I would normally do.. I actually finished mine last cos just so much to talk about. Ben was showing me his gadgets and stuff... he's a big gadget guy.. so yea..
Oh yeah while I was waiting earlier, was supposed to get movie tickets. Got it for 'Cars'. It is an excellent show.. excellent excellent animated movie.. funny.. funny.. funny... a bit of touching.. a bit of cheesiness.. but.. funny.. funny.. hahaha =)
There was a MAJOR cock-up with the tickets.. I could have sworn I told the fella 8.40pm show and he gave me 6.45pm tickets.. I didn't check the time, just the cinema hall and the movie.. soo... we got into the movie theatre and it looked like it was the ending already.. a dreaded thought formed in my mind.. checking the tickets revealed the extent of my horror.. it was the 6.45pm tickets!! omigod.. so Ben said he was absolutely positively explosive at this point but he kept it in and talked to the manager and explained the situation nicely.. and we got complimentary tickets for the 9.20pm show..
GSC rulez.. seriously.. =)
so while waiting for 9.20 show to start, they got lecka lecka and that's why i took the pic.
so finally managed to catch the movie.. laughed, laughed and then laughed somemore.. Said good byes after that.. I'm supposed to catch another movie with them in about 2 weeks time.. we shall see... =)

Had a bit of drinks with Jo-Lyn after that..
We concluded that sometimes, we just wanna be crazy about someone and not actually want to be with that person.. cos it's fun to obsess.. hehe... ohh ohh.. she met this hot chick from Deloitte called sue gim? or something like that..
wait, is this too much info? I don't know.. this is just the way I type my journal..

Peace n g'nite peeps (monday night)
I just realised again why I think Dr Cameron from House is pretty.. she has eyes you could just fall into.. lol.. really really nice eyes.. that can capture you with that soulful stare

"We are made of different ingredients, I am tofu.... you are beef" Tammie (11/06/06) (describing her fragile physical state)
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